Maji Restaurant

Hey guys!

Went to Maji this week and this time I brought my two bros, my bros buddy, & Phil. None of them tried Maji before and they were all really excited to try out this place considering how much I love this place.

I also filmed our whole experience HERE. So go check out our youtube channel and tell us what you think! 

Right off the bat, we ordered my fave beer of all time. This time we got one can of Pineapple beer and one can of Mango beer. If you read my last blog on Maji then you should know how much I was loving the Pineapple flavour beer. The mango flavour was really delicious too and the taste of the mango was definitely stronger compared to the pineapple beer. If I have to choose a favourite, I would choose the Pineapple flavour over the Mango. Phil being a total beer lover, he was really digging these two flavours! I feel like this beer is a must try for everybody! (Unless your not legal to drink yet... lol)

We ordered the Pork fried rice ($8.50). When the dish came, I thought the portion was very small but it turned out to be a pretty good size for 6 people to share, considering there were other dishes coming as well. Great flavour and it was one of my bros faves. Usually my bros are pretty picky, so if they think its good... it must be pretty good :)

I thought the dish was great! The pork was cooked very well. The veggies and meat complimented each other and was very well balanced.


Memory Corner

Hey everyone!

A month ago, Phil & I went to a Taiwanese Restaurant across from Richmond Center called Memory Corner. We're always looking for new Taiwanese restaurants in Richmond because we always tend to go to Bubble World when we don't know where to go. This time around, we searched up on Zomato in advance to see what other Taiwanese Restaurants are in the area. The ratings and reviews look pretty positive for Memory Corner so we decided to give it a try!

When we first stepped in, we were instantly intrigued by some of the displays shown in their restaurant. At the back of the restaurant were two Chinese looking dolls that were being displayed at the back. Their menu was also written and designed in a very traditional style. 


Grimm's Gourmet & Deli

Hey guys!

So the other day I went on a mini road trip to Joffre Lake with 3 of my other friends. It was approximately a 3 hour drive to Joffre Lake from Vancouver so we made several pit stops to take bathroom and food breaks. We stopped by Whistler around 8:30am and Subway was unfortunately closed so our next stop was at Pemberton, B.C. We were hoping there would be a Subway there but there were only a few shops within that area. We ended up getting sandwiches from Grimm's Gourmet & Deli. It's a local deli shop and it was pretty busy compared to other restaurants around the area. They had a lot of options on their menu and I ended up getting their 3 meat sub. We ate the sandwich when we arrived to the top of the mountain and it was just amazing. The view was great and the sandwich tasted great. Filled with meat and the veggies were fresh. It was a great option to bring to a hike. The 3 meat sub costed approximately $7.95 and it was an extremely filling sub for under $10.00.

I created a mini clip of our mini trip! Go watch us on Youtube, HERE!


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Legends Pub

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently went to the relocated Legends Pub, which is now at Blundell and Garden City. 

I have been to Legends at their previous location but since they moved, we had to check it out. The nice new interior is pretty nice!


Cafe de l'Orangerie

Hey guys!

The other day I went to find Phil for lunch during his lunch break. I met him at Cafe de l'Orangerie which is located on West 73rd, near the Airport Square Building. This place is Japanese owned and the staff was very friendly.

For drink, I ordered the Matcha Green Tea Latte ($4.55). I thought it tasted great but was disappointed that they didn't draw anything on my latte like the one I had from Cafe Joie. But the main thing was the drink itself and I enjoyed it very much. 

For appetizers, we ordered their Poutine Orangerie-Style- small size ($6.25). It's fries with homemade beef stew sauce & mozzarella cheese. I LOVED this, the beef stew tasted amazing and it just went really well together with the fries and the cheese. I highly recommend ordering this to share with friends and family as an appetizer.


Yuu Japanese Tapas

Hey guys!

The other day I went to Yuu Japanese Tapas for dinner with my friends. It was a last minute decision so we had no clue what to expect from this restaurant.

I filmed my first ever food vlog! Check out our video HERE ! Pls comment & subscribe if you guys like it and follow us on YouTube if you want to follow us on our food adventures :) 

We want to start vlogging our food adventures so it's more fun & you can actually check out the space & food in a more direct way other than photos!

Anyways, we were planning to go to a Japanese restaurant on Bridgeport but they actually close on Wednesdays, therefore we had to change up the location to Yuu Japanese Tapas. I've never been to this restaurant before nor have I ever heard anyone mentioning anything about this restaurant so we really didn't know what to expect. 

After looking at the menu, we were all certain we wanted to get their Ramen. They had lots of options on their menu but the Ramen page really stood out among the other pages. 

My friend got #44 Shio "Salt" Ramen in clear broth made with plenty of bone & veggie ($8.95)

G-men @ NanChuu Ramen Izakaya

Hey Everyone,

Had a ramen craving recently so we decided to hit up G-men for dinner. Now G-men is located on Alexandra, so that undoubtedly means if you're going at a busy time like 7pm, you're going to have a bad time looking for a parking spot! Took me so long to find a spot, I ended up settling for street pay parking. Their lot at the back of the restaurant is packed full, and then some, meaning all those illegals parked in the driveways of the parking lot where there is no actual spot. 

Luckily the rest of our group had already got a table inside, so I was able to join them right away. If you don't have someone grabbing a table ahead of time, the wait is likely half an hour or more!

My go-to choice for ramen is always a miso flavour broth, so I ordered the Tonkotsu Miso Ramen $9.50 with added Ajitama (Marinated Egg) $1.50 and Butter & Corn $2.50.


Rocky Point Ice Cream

Hey everyone!

From our last blog post I talked about the Food Cart Festival that happens every Sunday throughout the duration of Summer. Today I'll be talking about another Food Truck Vendor that I stumbled upon last Sunday during our Cherry On Top event hosted by East Side Flea.

There were A LOT of dessert options at the festival, but I finalized my decision on Rocky Point Ice Cream. They had a lot of variety in terms of flavours. I was really tempted to just get my usual Salted Caramel Ice cream but there were several people in front of me and they got the Raspberry Lime Mojito Sorbet and it looked too good to pass up.

I got the kid size ($3.00) and it was the perfect size for me since I had a huge sandwich by The Tasty Torpedo shared between me & Phil. 
The flavour is very unique and has a sweet and sour taste to it. At first it tasted great but near the mid section it got a bit too sour for me to continue. I think the lime flavour was a tad strong but overall it was still a unique flavour and it was still worth a try. 

I will definitely give this place a try again because I don't want to just rate this place based on ONE ice cream flavour. Overall this place is a good place to visit for a summer treat!

Service: N/A

Food: 3/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3/5

Thanks for reading!

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Ramen Izakaya Okawari

Hey Everyone,

After a nice hike with Jess, we decided to grab some ramen for lunch, and hit up Ramen Izakaya Okawari! This place used to be Tokyo Joe's, but they've changed to this new name now. This restaurant serves all kinds of Japanese food, from various sushi rolls to ramen specialties. 

I love ramen, so I ordered a ramen of course! I had the Ramen Sapporo $8.95 

This ramen was amazing! The broth was absolutely delicious and not too thick or strong, the cha shu was very tender and large enough that two slices worked out to be just enough, and the soft boiled egg was the highlight of the ramen! This egg was so good I could not stop raving about how awesome it was. The egg was flavoured to just the right amount, and when you dip it in the soup, it makes it even better. The noodles were just right, not hard like some other ramen places, as these noodles were soft and easy to eat. Usually there's always some ingredient in ramen bowls that I don't want to eat, but I ate everything in this ramen! As you can see from the photos above, it contains the house made cha shu, egg, green onions, bean sprouts, and two sheets of seaweed.

The service here is great, just what you would expect from a Japanese restaurant. They were friendly and prompt on service, no complaints here!

Overall, this recent visit to Ramen Izakaya Okawari was awesome. This was one of the best ramen I've ever had in Richmond! I have been to G-Men bee, which I had previously thought was the best ramen in Richmond, so this was quite a surprise. I had been to this restaurant on previous occasions, but they must have improved their ramen lately as it was a lot better than I remember it. 


5/5 (just the ramen)







Let me know what you think of their ramen, and if there is a better ramen joint in Richmond to check out. Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!

- Phil

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The Tasty Torpedo Sandwich Co.

Hey guys!

If you live in Vancouver and you are a MAJOR foodie, then you must know about the annual summer Food Cart Fest that is held at Olympic Village every sunday throughout the duration of the summer season. Eastside Flea had team up with Food Cart fest and held 3 out of the 4 featured days already. Our company Cherry On Top Designs ,  was there on August 09, 2015. We were extremely happy that so many people stopped by our booth to check us out! If you missed out on the event, check us out on our etsy shop !

Having a booth at the Food Cart Fest definitely has its advantages, I get free admission AND I get to smell and look at delicious food for a long period of time! I took a walk around the whole venue, checking out what I should purchase this time around. I came across this food truck called "The Tasty Torpedo" I was first attracted by their big sign that says EPIC SANDWICHES! Phil LOVES sandwiches so I thought this MIGHT be an option. I looked through the menu and the FIRST thing on the list already made me want to drool. Am I being a tad dramatic?? NOPE, I'm basically 24/7 drama queen ;P BUT I'm serious... Just read the menu below about "The Godfather" and you'll know exactly what I mean. 


Cafe Joie

Hey everyone!

The other day I took a break from work and school and just ventured off with an old friend searching for new places to try and did some massive saving for my wallet because I found 2 amazing jackets from the vintage store.

Cafe Joie is a super cute cafe located right across from Metrotown. Because the store location is at the corner of a hill, it is very easy to pass by and not notice its existence. I find a lot of coffee shops nowadays have the same interior vibe. The type that I really like, rustic meet modern.

This place serves waffles, panini's, coffee buns, coffee, & tons of macarons! It wasn't difficult for me to choose because I already saw photos on Zomato previously and I knew automatically I'll be trying out their waffles.


Milltown Bar & Grill

Hey Everyone,

Recently a good friend recommended me to this restaurant so I had to bring Jess along to check it out! When I Google Mapped this place in the beginning, I was surprised to see that this restaurant was located on some sort of "island" off the southwest corner of Vancouver. If you didn't know where this restaurant was ahead of time, it would be very difficult to find if you just drove around looking for it. I highly suggest Google Mapping this first!

As you can see on the menu, they state "Yes it's true...you are technically sitting in Richmond! But we would prefer that you tell people we are in Marpole!" That would make this place the only part of Richmond I know of that is accessible from Vancouver without crossing a bridge.


B&P Ice Cream

Hey everyone!

Since the summer days have been so amazing this year, I've been hitting up Steveston Village a lot because they have great patio restaurants and it's just a great place to stroll around. 

I've passed by B&P Ice Cream multiple times because I usually grab mini donuts from their neighbors, Outpost Mini Donuts. I never took the time to look into their ice cream options because their exterior didn't look that appealing and their cute octopus logo just gave me a very asian vibe so I just assumed it can't be anything special. Anyways, this time around we decided to just take a peek of their ice cream options on their posted boards and we were pretty shocked that they had quite a variety for flavours. Because of their massive board of options, we decided to give their ice cream a try. 


The Capilano Teahouse & Botanical Soda Co.

Hey everyone!

Finally long weekend and I'm happy to introduce a new pop up vendor located at the McArthur Glen Outlets near the airport. Their overall initial set up wasn't anything special, it was really simple with a few tables and chairs and on the sides they'll place their products for viewing. Even though their set up wasn't anything extravagant, it still drew my attention and made me go inside to take a further look.  

Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

I went to Lee Garden Seafood Restaurant a while ago with my family to have dinner. I hadn't heard of this restaurant before getting there, but when I arrived, I realized this is what took over that buffet restaurant that used to be here (Grand Buffet?). It's located next to the Estea on Kingsway in Burnaby.

This is the view from the back, which is kind of the front of the restaurant, as the Kingsway side has no entrance. They share a small parking lot with Estea next door. 

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but when you step inside, it looks quite grand!

The space inside is quite roomy and there are lots of tables. The decor was pretty and felt upscale. So far the interior was pretty nice, so I was hoping the food would be just as good.

When we started eating, I didn't get any photos of the food, but we had their supposedly "famous" chicken, among many other dishes that we ordered. I was told this was their signature dish, and the chicken itself did taste pretty good, but it was very similar to the chicken from Tai Tung on Granville. 

The rest of the meal went ok but it was later that night where it hit! Our entire table, about 8 of us, all had a severe case of food poisoning which lasted several days for some of us, but my aunt had to go to the hospital. After going to the doctors and investigating further with the Fraser Health Authority, we found out that several other tables that night suffered the same food poisoning as us, and it turned out to be Salmonella!

Needless to say, the restaurant was shutdown for a period after that under orders from the health department, but they soon opened for business again! When we brought this issue to them, initially they noted they would compensate us in some way next time. When next time came around, they told us they weren't going to do anything, and that we can call a lawyer and sue them! 

Their service was undoubtedly horrible given their handling of the situation!

I have not since returned to this restaurant, so I can't say if their food has been cleaned up now, but I definitely will NOT return, and would definitely warn EVERYONE to STAY AWAY from this restaurant! I've heard bad things about the buffet that existed here before Lee Garden, and similar results happened from eating their food, but who would have thought the same would happen after a new business took over! Do NOT eat here as we care about your health and would not want you to fall victim to what we went through!





Thanks for reading everyone, munch on, just not here!
- Phil
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