Milltown Bar & Grill

Hey Everyone,

Recently a good friend recommended me to this restaurant so I had to bring Jess along to check it out! When I Google Mapped this place in the beginning, I was surprised to see that this restaurant was located on some sort of "island" off the southwest corner of Vancouver. If you didn't know where this restaurant was ahead of time, it would be very difficult to find if you just drove around looking for it. I highly suggest Google Mapping this first!

As you can see on the menu, they state "Yes it's true...you are technically sitting in Richmond! But we would prefer that you tell people we are in Marpole!" That would make this place the only part of Richmond I know of that is accessible from Vancouver without crossing a bridge.

Started off with a beer of course! The Daily Draught Beer Special was the OK Spring 1516 Bavarian Lager $4.34

Jess got the Starboard Cocktail $6.09 which was their house infused raspberry vodka with soda water and lemonade. This was a very tasty drink!

Here's a look at how their menu looks like:

They have a free shuttle, similar to the one at Flying Beaver!

The menu had a lot of great looking options, but when we heard what the daily specials were, we had to order those!

I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries $15.00

This pulled pork sandwich was on a house-made bread, which looked a lot like naan bread. They make the bread to order and put it in the pizza oven whenever someone orders a sandwich. It was very light and fluffy, and the flavour of it by itself was amazing! I love bread, so this was heavenly for me! I'm not a fan of coleslaw, so when the coleslaw in a pulled pork sandwich impresses me, that's rare! The two blend together so well in this sandwich and give it tons of flavour. The fries are cut just to the perfect size for me. They're soft, yet have a slight crisp to them. They seem to be fresh cut fries, not frozen ones, which reminded me a lot like Five Guys fries. They came lightly salted and peppered already, which was awesome, and they were perfectly fine on their own without ketchup. This entire dish was just amazing! It's just a shame this isn't on their regular menu, as I would totally order this every time I dine here. I would have to say this is one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever had. This tops the pulled pork sandwich from Flip Top Food Truck that came to my office building before, and THAT was an amazing pulled pork sandwich. The biggest deciding factor in this has to be that bread! I would order that bread separately if I could, and just have that with butter!

Jess had another daily special, the Yellow Tuna $21.00

I had a bite of this and it was very delicious! The tuna was very flavourful and cooked just right. The rice that came with it was very creamy and savoury! She really loved this dish.

After our entrees, we decided to get some dessert! We settled on the Silk Pie $8.00, a chocolate dessert with Frangelico butter cream, roasted almonds and coffee liqueur. 

This dessert was amazing! Usually Jess isn't really into the chocolate cakes, but she loved this one! The creamy mousse-like pie was just so delicious! It was sweet, but not too sweet to the point of overwhelmingly sweet. The base completed the pie perfectly with the oreo-like cookie and crushed almonds mixture. There was whipped cream around the outside of the pie with chocolate sauce drizzled all over the pie. There was literally nothing to dislike in this dessert. It was just amazing to the last bite!

The service was great! Our server was very prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable. She provided us with a great dining experience for our first time at this restaurant. It was very sunny out on a Friday evening, and we were seated on the patio at a table where the sun was hitting, and she went through the effort of moving a patio umbrella to block the sun for us, even though we didn't even say anything about it in the beginning. That extra effort was very much appreciated!

Overall this place was just awesome! The food was amazing, the service was awesome, the location was very exclusive, and the restaurant itself looked very nice too! I will definite be making revisits here and I highly recommend this place to everyone! We'll definitely be trying more of their food and we'll be sure to blog all about it. 









That's right, this place gets a 5/5 rating! I just can't believe I haven't heard of this place sooner! Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!

- Phil

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