Sushi S Japanese Restaurant

Hello Everyone!

After viewing apartments with Phil and his agent, we randomly decided to go dinner at Sushi S which is located along Willingdon at a random corner spot. Parking spots are very limited but they do have set spots for each restaurant so people parking at that particular spot must be eating at that restaurant in order to park there. I've passed by this restaurant many times and it never appealed to me so I was not expecting much out of it. We asked our waitress whether they were Japanese but they are actually Korean. Which I'm not surprised because in Vancouver there's a lot of Japanese restaurants that are not owned by Japanese people.

Phil ordered several slices of Sashimi and he said it was thick and delicious!


Havana Restaurant & Gallery

Hello everyone!

So last week I went to Havana's for the first time with my friends and obviously Phil. I heard many things about their awesome Sangrias so I was really excited to give this place a try. This restaurant is located on the busy street of Commercial. Parking was not too bad but during busy hours it might be difficult, so I recommend car pooling with your buddies if you are planning to go. My friend mentioned that it usually gets extremely busy during 6 but we were lucky enough to beat the rush and was able to get a table right away.




Bubble World-Richmond

Hello food lovers!

So Bubble World has always been our GO TO place when we can't figure out where to go for food. The food is always good, drinks are always on point and the service never disappoints. To be honest, my last few visits has not been as great as before, but it never bugged me that much until yesterdays visit. So I joined Phil after I was off work and we ordered right when I got there, since it was nearly 8pm already. We sat approximately 15-20 mins...and usually our drinks would've been ready...We thought maybe it's busy so we waited for a bit longer...still nothing came. Our main waitress was busy, so we asked this other waitress who walked by to check up on our order. Apparently our waitress messed something up and didn't process our order over. The fact was not because she forgot, the fact our waitress did not come by and apologize to us was just unacceptable to me. We also tried to call her over a couple of times and she would pretend to not see us and just walk away. I really don't know what was wrong with her so I didn't even bother asking her for anything anymore. The other waitress, who checked up on our order even apologized for the OTHER person's mistake. Usually the waitresses at Bubble World are very nice, but this person was just rude.

Okay, enough of the ranting.

So for the food, I just ordered something simple & easy, Meat sauce on Rice (Approx. $5.95) with my usual Honey Milk Tea with Pearls.

When I got my food, I noticed that the bowl was not what they usually use. Because from what I remember from before, they used a bigger bowl. I don't know if it's the bowls illusion, but I thought the portion was smaller than before. Overall the tastes was still great and the drink was on point like usual.


Snack Shack - Lay's Kettle Cooked Tzatziki Chips

Hey Everyone,

So this is one of those new flavours being voted on for a new Lay's flavour, and out of the rest of the flavours, this one seemed to be the one to go with as some of the other flavours seem to have been done already.

Food Court Corner- Chun Hing Cuisine

Hey Everyone,

Went to eat at Yaohan food court as a last minute decision when looking for a cheap meal with Jess last time. Jess went with korean food while I ended up picking Chun Hing Cuisine, one of the many choices there that offer the "rice or noodle with 3 or 4 items". As with my ribs decision making process, I went with whichever one had the longer line. 

Their competitor next door had the same deal going on as seen in the picture below.

This is definitely good value for $7 as they load up your container full of food! Their selection looked more appetizing than their competitor as well, so I decided to eat here.


Earls Kitchen & Bar

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday Phil and I had a super late lunch and we were right in time for Earl's happy hour menu. We went to the Burnaby location and I love how I can still enjoy their patio in the middle of September. Summer ain't over just yet!

I was so glad to see Sangria being on the happy hour menu. I ordered a White Wine Peach Sangria for $4.00, it was soooooo delicious. It was fruity and refreshing, just what I needed at the time!

We saw BBQ Pork Buns on the menu and we were really curious how they made this, so we decided to order two to try. It was surprisingly really good. It has a bit of spice to it but it made the whole thing extremely flavorful.

BBQ Pork Buns $2.00/Each


Cattle Cafe

Hello my lovely food lovers :)

Back with another blog today all about this Cattle Cafe that is located on Kingsway. I've only been to this location once before and from what I recall, it wasn't the best. The other night Phil and I just finished with an appointment and we were actually craving for Pho, but ended up for cafe food instead. First impression of the restaurant, layout is tight and not the cleanest. So when we got into the restaurant, we were directed to a table right away but because of the spacing between the pathway and the tables being very tight, the waitress had to move aside for us to pass by. Being an interior design student, that is definitely a big no no for me. After being seated, our surroundings was definitely not pleasant. We got a window seat at the corner and once we sat down, the side edges of the windows were filled with dust and was extremely dirty. When we were deciding what to order, Phil had the urge of leaving because he didn't like the atmosphere and didn't know what to order. But obviously we didn't leave! Otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it right now. It gets better, so don't be sad just yet...just continue reading along... lol


Food Court Corner- Seoul Express Korean Food

Hello ladies & gents,

Welcome back to my blog, today I bring you our experience at a food court booth that is located in Yaohan Centre.

After being with Phil for almost 4 years, his family has persuaded me to try spicy food ever since. I think the fact that I was surrounded by different types of Chinese food at the time, made me want to order something other than Chinese food. I ordered their Bibimbap, which has a bit of spice to it, but after getting my food, I decided to put extra hot sauce in it, with teriyaki sauce around the edge of the stone pot. I think it is definitely necessary to add the extra sauces, otherwise the overall dish would be a tad dry.

Seoul Express is located within the food court of Yaohan Centre. Parking can be frustrating at times, depending whether you go during peak hours or not. I went there for dinner and it was pretty busy since people did last minute grocery shopping at Osaka and people like me, decides to eat dinner there.


Smoke N Bones

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I went to Playland on the last day of PNE and my main goal was to eat some tasty ribs from their Rib Fest! Last year or the year before, I tried the Gator one as that was one of the ones with the longest lines. All 4 of the stands have trophies and banners for their various awards, so it was hard to decide on which one to go for. I go by the logic of whichever one has the longest line must mean that their food is the most popular. That logic served me well last time, and this time I went to try the second of the two with the longest lines, Smoke N Bones.



Yah Yah Ya Ramen

Hey Everyone,

Recently checked out Yah Yah Ya Ramen, a new ramen place in Richmond (finally)! Usually I’d only go to GMen for ramen if I’m in Richmond, as the other restaurants aren’t very good in Richmond. I believe this place only opened up in the last few months, so there haven’t been too many posts on this yet. It is located to the right of Richmond Sushi in Union Square.

Raw Canvas

Today's blog is for all the ARTEESTS out there who enjoy wine and paint. I cannot paint anything practical so mine was something more abstract. Unfortunately at the end of the day, no one gets what my painting stands for and they just think it's a mess. Despite the fact that my mother called my painting NOT art, I still had a great time with my friends. I love my painting because there was no main purpose, no rules, just a bunch of colours slathered on a canvas to release my daily stress.

So if you've never been to Raw Canvas, I recommend getting their voucher deals online. I think the most recent one just finished, so keep an eye out for future vouchers because it is definitely more worth it if you can get a deal out of it. So I got my voucher from Social Shopper and below is their menu specifically for this deal. Each person gets to choose their own plate: either cheese, meat, or mix. Also they have a choice of a 2 course wine pairing for $18.00. I need my wine while I paint, so I decided to try their 2 recommended wine pairings for the night.

The interior is extremely artsy, from the mesmerizing art works on the wall to the usage of different type of chairs placed around the restaurant, everything just works. The idea of "art" is obviously the whole point of this place and just spreading that across the whole interior just makes the whole place very welcoming and fun. We sat near the windows and they had this purple, flowery wall paper that is spread across that section, which I find very unique because it works with the space and it sort of breaks the whole idea of the white ceilings and the white walls, giving the whole area that extra kick of art.