Bubble Waffle Cafe- Surrey

Hey everyone!!

If you've watched our vlog from last week, you'll know we went to Surrey to get our taxes done. After, we decided to just grab some lunch around the area. We came across a "trial opening" for the Bubble Waffle Cafe so we decided to just grab some lunch there. The first time I saw Bubble Waffle Cafe as an actual sit in restaurant. I always see them as food court vendors but this time around it was a different experience. 


California Pizza Kitchen

Hey everyone!

The last place we tried in Vegas was at the California Pizza Kitchen which was located in the airport. There were only a few options for food there so we decided to try this place out. They had other food other than pizza, but we decided to try their pizza since that is part of their restaurant title. They have the menu posted in front of the restaurant, so if you are not sure if you'll like the food options, you can always take a glance at what type of food they have first.


Ryuu Japanese Kitchen- Richmond

Hey everyone,

Yesterday Phil and I went to the McArthur Glen Outlet to purchase some tshirts for Phils football team. Since it was during dinner time, we decided to check out if the new Japanese restaurant was opened yet. We were happy to see that there is finally a Japanese restaurant at the outlet so we decided to go try it out! It was during dinner time and the restaurant was pretty dead. There were a few tables here and there but probably because it's still brand new and not a lot of people know about this place just yet. 

The interior looks fresh, new, clean and bright. The staff were very prompt in filling up our tea occasionally and making sure we are doing okay. 


Shake Shack

Hey everyone!

Finally weekend and I can finally find some time to blog. After our one week vacation staying in Vegas and going back to work has been draining up all my energy because it's been CRAZY busy. As promised, the next few posts on our blog will be all dedicated to the restaurants we've tried in Las Vegas. I've noticed a lot of people go to Las Vegas but I don't see as many blogposts on Zomato as I would prefer. For Phil and I, we don't go club or anything so our main thing to do in Las Vegas was to relax and eat and get fat... but of course also find some time to workout :P

Vegas changes every several years because every single time when I go back, theres bound to be something different. This time around, the Shake Shack restaurant was opened at the New York New York Hotel. I was super excited because I've seen many photos on social media so I was super stoked to finally try it out!

So their ordering system is like a fast food chain, where you do the ordering at the counter and they give you a buzzer to let you know when the food is ready for pick up.


Tmix Tea & Dessert Bar

Hey everyone!

If you read my previous blog, you know I went to Pronto before heading to Vegas. We actually went for dessert that day too. Across the street there's a dessert bar called "TMix Tea & Dessert Bar".

The interior looks very clean, bright and nice. We really like how well lit the place was, makes it very awakening and comfortable. The tree pattern on their wall matches with their color theme and it looks very nice. They have a huge selection in terms of desserts. From drinks to bubble waffle to macarons.


La Creperie - Las Vegas - Paris

Hey Everyone,

On the evening of day 1 in Vegas, Jess and I went exploring up the strip from Planet Hollywood, and we happened upon the Paris! It was so cool to see the Eiffel Tower there as it was actually going into the casino itself! We had looked up places to eat on our phones earlier, so we were looking to try out La Creperie, and with a little help from the directory we were able to find it! 

Check it out as part of our day 1 vlog below!

Hash House a Go Go - Las Vegas - The Linq

Hey Everyone,

On day 5 of our Vegas trip, Jess and I hit up Hash House a Go Go for lunch/dinner while walking around the strip again. It was our last day and with limited time left, we had to try and cross off more from our list of must try places in Vegas.

Check it out on our day 5 vlog below!


Las Vegas - SNACK HAUL

Hey everyone!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram, you'll know we've been posting up daily vlogs of our trip to Las Vegas. We just got back today and I thought why not post up the Snack Haul vlog on here right now.

I initially wanted to include the prices within the video but I left the receipt at home. Here you will find all the prices for all the snacks/instant noodles we purchased. All items were purchased from T&T Supermarket!

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Hey everyone!!

So currently Phil & I are in Vegas for this whole week. You'll see a few posts from Las Vegas on our blog and if you are interested in watching our Vegas adventure, check us out on youtube! We are posting daily vlogs on our Youtube channel!

Day 1 in Vegas:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNVKeqPkeSU

So before we headed out to Vegas, we went to Pronto with a great friend of ours. Its located along Cambie and between 18th & 19th Avenue. Try finding parking at the back of the restaurant. They had a few along the alley way that was free parking after 6pm. 

When we stepped into the restaurant, we waited approximately 5 minutes and nobody from their staff walked up to us to ask if we were helped. There were quite a few staff members that passed by us and we were totally ignored. Since it was our first time at this restaurant, I decided to walk up to the one at the cashier till and ask her if we seat ourselves or someone is supposed to help us. She seemed like she was trying to fix something in the till and answered with a quick no, we help you out. BUT she doesn't tell one of her staff to assist us..... So we were just standing in front of her for a few minutes, confused, not sure what to do...and then FINALLY a blonde lady from their staff team saw us and decided to ask if we were helped. We answered no, and she quickly brought us to a table at their back patio. Right off the bat, this place already gave poor service so I was really hoping the food will be MUCH better than their service. 

Earl of Sandwich - Las Vegas - Planet Hollywood

Hey Everyone,

Hello from Las Vegas! On our first day after arriving, we decided to hit up Earl of Sandwich for lunch, one of our favourite spots for a great sandwich in Vegas! It was conveniently located at Planet Hollywood, which was very walkable from where we stayed, The Signature at MGM Grand. 

Check out our vlog of day 1, including the visit to Earl of Sandwich!