Hog Shack!

Are you a major MEAT LOVER?! 

If so then you'll loveeeee this place! It's located in Steveston and they take their meat very serious. It's near the water and it's definitely a lovely area to chill on a sunny day with friends. They have free parking around the area so just drive, be patient and you'll find a spot, don't worry. The staff is very friendly and helpful with our choices in drinks. limmerZ wasn't sure which beer he wanted so they told us to go up to the bar and  let us try some and see which ones we like. Very casual setting, they have picnic pattern table cloths which made it feel like we were having an outdoor feast. 

I didn't order any beer because I was never a beer person. I just ordered a Cosmo ($6.95). limmerZ went for the Howe Sound Beer ($5.95). limmerZ enjoyed this beer a lot, it was kind of fruity so I think girls will enjoy this drink a lot :)


Random Craving Of The Day

Just want to share this picture with you all! I didn't make this, my frd 'bee' made this for me for dinner! It consists of shrimp, broccoli, tomatoes, tomato sauce, mushrooms and some bacon bits! It was super delicious! It was her first time making it with tomato sauce and it turned out to be awesome! Just want to put this up and give her credit for making this awesome dish for me! 




The American Cheesesteak Co.!

If you guys have never been to The American Cheesesteak than you're missing out! I highly recommend this place! It is located on Davie and they don't have their personal parking so the only way is if you transit or you pay parking. At first when I heard the name I thought it'll be a very fancy place but nope, it's a super casual atmosphere and you basically pay at the counter first and you go sit yourself and grab utensils on the side on your own. When you purchase food, they'll hand you a number tag so they'll know what you ordered and they'll bring it over when it's ready. 

Bottled sodas ($3.00)
I love how our drinks are bottled. I seriously don't know where people purchase these! If I live by myself I would totally stock up my fridge with bottled soda. LOL
limmerZ love root beer in general and he never tried this brand of root beer before. Thru curiosity, he purchased this and at the end he didn't like it very much. 


Deer Garden

I always hear my family coming to this place for dinner but I've personally never tried it until one day they've decided to bring me there. They are famous for their personal customizable noodle soups so I was really eager to try it out! This is on the second floor of a very small plaza. They have very limited parking space and considering a lot of them has personal reserve parking signs on them for other restaurants, it is pretty tough to find parking. Also, that area is very busy so I would highly recommend car pooling with people if you guys decide to come here for dinner! 


Koto Izakaya


First time I came here was last year with one of my buddies. At first I would never expect much from this place because outside does not appeal to me at all. But after my first experience here I loved it!

They are only open during night hours, so if you are planning to go during the day then too bad. Their sashimi is super fresh and it is definitely worth every penny! The prices aren't really "cheap" but I highly recommend this place. You can definitely taste the quality difference between this place and some "all you can eat" restaurant. I don't go here all that often because I do try to limit myself to not spend so much on food. But once in a while I'll just go back and eat eat eat and enjoy enjoy enjoy :)

They have their own parking lot and several stalls are reserved for their customers, so parking should be no problem.

The owners are not traditional Japanese people but they make it just perfect and definitely top some of the actual Japanese owned restaurants. The workers are very friendly and it's just very cozy and comfortable.