Green Lemongrass

Most of the time I'll be either craving for sushi or viet food. I've been to this place before and I thought it was pretty decent. The parking lot is never full so don't worry about not being able to find a spot there. The interior looks like all other viet places; not much uniqueness to it.

Like all other viet places, we got our bean sprout.

Flying Beaver

Flying Beaver is a pretty hidden restaurant! I've never heard of this place until last year when my friend took me to this place. Loved it last year and I still love it this year. I brought limmerZ with me because he never tried this place out before.

When we got there it was really packed but thank god they had a table right at the patio. Its undercover so the rain didn't affect us at all. Also, they had heaters on so we were warm and cozy.

They don't have much parking space directly in front, however there is a huge parking lot across the street!


Random Craving of the Day

Hello everyone!

So yesterday night limmerZ and I stayed home and made our own "Korean" style nian gao in soup! I followed a recipe online (which I'll link below). Instead of beef brisket I used grounded beef instead, which still tasted alright afterwards. If you guys don't know what nian gao is, it's rice cake! I was never a fan with nian gao until I've tried it many times at limmerZ house. His mama makes it the best! Shanghai style! I really gotta get some pointers off of her.

Overall it tasted pretty good! Since it was our first time attempting to make this I think we did a very good job! Could use a bit more flavoring though.

Overall Rating:

Here's the link of the recipe that I followed:


Sunway Restaurant

My co-worker told me a lot of good things about this restaurant and finally I've gotten the chance to try this place out! I had pretty high expectations already because my co-worker told me it's pretty legit Taiwanese food. From the outside it looks very nice, so I actually expected the interior to be a bit fancy too. At least somewhat like bubble world in Richmond. But OMG when I stepped in I was so shocked by the interior. Very poor decorative interior designs and its just not professional at all. Their refrigerator is visible in public near the cashier desk. But anyhoo, I'm there for the food so let's get to it...!

My go-to bubble tea is green apple green tea, but recently I've been loving just the original honey milk tea. ($3.75) So I ordered the honey milk tea with pearls and OMG it tasted SO WEIRD! Apparently they use green tea to make this honey milk tea. I KNOW what green tea tastes like and once I tasted this drink I knew green tea was the ingredient already. I asked the waitress and she told me its what they use in their honey milk tea. All I know is all other honey milk teas I drink from elsewhere all have the same similar taste but this one was WAY too off. 

One word=disappointed.


Marble Slab Creamery

Who doesn't like ICE CREAM?!

I don't have a major sweet tooth but from time to time I'll be craving for some ice-cream. It's right on Broadway near Cambie and it's very convenient to get to by transit. The interior gives off this vibe of a very happy, jolly place and it just makes me very happy and excited when I walk in. They don't have too many options for ice-cream but one thing I like is the mix in. You can choose any mix-in item on the side (ex. coffee crisp, m&m's) to be mixed in with your option of flavored ice-cream. I wouldn't recommend driving down there because it is pay parking along the streets and it's usually packed. Try taking the Canada Line; it'll save you guys some gas money! 


Destination: Victoria- Ferry

While on the Ferry ride to Victoria, limmerZ and I decided to grab some breakfast. The food on the Ferry is pretty pricey for what it is actually worth. So we've decided to get one breakfast meal to share.

We got the 'all abroad breakfast' $10.49

It was pretty average, nothing great. I would suggest to eat something before hand or bring your own food for the ferry ride!




Overall Rating:


Destination: Victoria- Jade Fountain Restaurant

I went to Victoria for my Cousin's wedding and according to my relatives, they think this place is the best well off Chinese restaurant within Victoria. Now, I didn't have high hopes for this place anyways because it is Victoria so their food options aren't as broad as Vancouver but I didnt't expect it to be THIS crappy.

This restaurant is within a hotel called Red Lion Hotel and it's pretty hidden. You gotta go down the tight stair case to this underground restaurant.

The interior's theme was based upon traditional chinese so my cousin's whole wedding was based on that theme as well so everything matched up well with each other.

This was the first item we got for our dinner that night. The Cold Platter was average and after this I was already too lazy to take snap shots of the other food.  

Now I'm going to start telling you guys in FULL detail why this place SUCKS.

At the end of the meal, every table got plates of dessert with these tarts in it, so I've decided to grab one to try. Once I grabbed it and was about to take the FIRST BITE, I see this dirt/dust on my TART. I don't know if you guys can see it in the picture but it is THERE i'll tell you. Gross to the point of vomiting I couldn't bare to know what else I ate that night consisted these "dust particles" in them.


Wally's Burgers

I've never heard of Wally's until limmerZ suggested this place one day for dinner. It's located in Killarney square and the parking lot has lots of room so parking should be no problem. The interior is nothing fancy but I guess it has it's own little style to match up with the logo and all. They basically don't have any tables but wall table seating (If you know what I mean).

When I was looking at the menu, they have a wide variety of burgers to choose from and it seriously took me a while till I decided on what to get. 


100% Healthy Dessert

Other than always going for cheesecake or icecream for dessert, this place is a good option. From waffles to Asian sweet soups, their menu is really beyond what you expect at a cake shop or what not. This place is located right across from Richmond public market. They don't have much parking spots because there are  restaurants right next to it and it's usually pretty busy. But, if you go at night there is usually more spots available.

The interior is nothing fancy and you can tell that the tables and chairs are pretty old. The few times I've been there it was never really packed and it seems pretty empty with only 1 or 2 tables taken.


UPDATE: Rating System

Hello everyone, 

I've been informed by several peeps about my rating system to be confusing. They see different restaurants with the same ratings and expect them to be the same type of quality based on that rating, and they were confused by the fact that some places may be better than others so they should not be rated the same. 


2/5  Barely served 
3/5  Average customer service
4/5  Well-served
5/5  INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE :D (definitely deserves a good tip!)


1/5  this should not be considered as food
2/5  horrible food, will not return
3/5  pretty avg (ate better elsewhere but not terrible)
4/5  good food, very enjoyable
5/5  My tastebuds were in HEAVEN 0:P Definitely will go again & again & AGAIN!!


$  10 bucks & BELOW
$$  10-20 bucks
$$$  20-30 bucks
$$$$ 30-40 bucks
$$$$$  40 bucks & ABOVE

Pls be informed that I do NOT compare restaurants. I base my rating on their SERVICE & FOOD. Everything I base is upon my rating system which is listed above. I do not tend to give a restaurant a low rating value just because they had a very poor status on Urbanspoon or whatsoever. Each rating is from my own true opinion and is averaged out from the rating between service and food which concludes to an overall rating. 

I guess many people don't really read the rating system but I'll post it here :)


Player's Chophouse Restaurant & Lounge

Player's Chophouse is right next to B.C. Place. I've been to B.C. Place several times but I never noticed this restaurant at the corner spot! Probably because the only signage they have is this one which is pretty highly placed at the corner. I guess for short people like me it's not as visible as they thought it will be. Anyhoo, theres no free parking nor do they have a parking lot. Only street meter parking. For us, it was really fast to find a spot because that street wasn't packed with cars or anything.

When we got into the restaurant it was completely empty. It's a very spacious restaurant and they even had an upstairs sitting area. It was kind of awkward to be the only customers there. Knowing were the ONLY people there, to be honest that totally made all my expectations for this place to die down. The interior reminds me of the Earl's in downtown and they have many tv's set along the bar area which would be a total perfect place for game watching.

We got the Crab Croquettes ($14.00) for appetizer. It was super delicious and I dare to say that this is the BEST crab cake I've eaten. Just from start to finish it was just unbelievably tasty. The chili-creme sauce was a great touch to give it a boost of flavor.