Destination: Seattle- Eagles Buffet

Living in Vancouver, it's tough to find a good buffet place to go to. I've been to Eagles Buffet before and it's better than most places. Eagles Buffet is located inside Tulalip Resort Casino which is next to the Seattle Premium Outlet. It was $19.95 per adult and for kids it's $9.45.

I was too busy grabbing food and totally forgot to take snapshots of the place for you all! But I took photos of my food! Being the pig I am, I had 3 full plates at this place! (pls don't judge..lol) 

First off, I got a big piece of Salmon, Beef, some broccoli (trying to be a BIT healthy) and chicken! The Salmon was disappointing..I ate less than a half and just left it there. It's very dry and not much taste so I don't recommend grabbing the Salmon. The Chicken was alright also kind of dry and the beef was very delicious! 


Destination: Seattle- The Cheesecake Factory

Who doesn't know about the Cheesecake Factory?!

First time I've ever tried this place was a few years back in San Francisco. Ohboy was I impressed with the first experience I've had at that restaurant. Knowing that Seattle has it, it was definitely a must go place on our list. At first I wanted to try the Crab King instead, but our friend is allergic to seafood so we went for the Cheesecake Factory. The Cheesecake Factory is right across from the Crepe place that I've mentioned on my first post on Destination: Seattle. From the outside it seems like a very small restaurant but when we stepped in it was actually very big! There were so many people waiting for a table but it wasn't a long wait. We probably waited for 10-15 minutes till we got our table. I really liked the interior, very classic and casual. 

Also, sorry for the horrible lighting for the pictures, it was fairly dim in the restaurant so it was hard to get a good shot and with flash the colouring was just way too off. 


Destination: Seattle- Sweet Iron

Another place I searched up on Urbanspoon, this was highly recommended and was one of the higher ranking places for breakfast. I know limmerZ love waffles so I knew this place would be perfect for us to try! It was very hard to find parking near the restaurant and mostly it was pay parking, so if you're driving down there please keep in mind that it'll be impossible to be able to find free parking. The restaurant in general was small and when we got there we were the only customers probably because it was a holiday and people tend to sleep in. The layout of the restaurant was simple, so not much to say about that.


Destination: Seattle- Pike Place Chowder

We heard many good things about Pike Place Chowder and it's a MUST try place when you're in Seattle. It's located in one of the malls in Downtown and we went around 1 something so it wasn't extremely busy. They had several tables inside the restaurant and more tables located in front of the store. They also have another location at the Public Market. 


Destination: Seattle- La Crêperie Voilà

During a long weekend, I headed down to Seattle with limmerZ and his friends. First stop for food, we went to the best recommended crepe place on urbanspoon. It's an outdoor store where the convention centre is. It was a rainy day and thank god they have a huge cover on top of this place, so the rain did not affect us at all! When we got there there was already quite a few people lining up, so I had pretty high expectations for this place! I was looking around and I only saw a couple of outdoor tables set in front of the store but we found out that you can bring it in the convention centre and eat it in there because they have way more tables available for you to sit in, also it was a lot warmer indoors! 

Yan's Garden Restaurant

While heading down to Coquitlam mall my family and I decided to eat lunch at this dim sum restaurant. According to my dad this place is pretty good. The parking lot is pretty big so there were plenty of spots available. First impression of this place was not what I expected. It's very old and not noticeable at all! They have two sides to the restaurant, one side is the main sitting area and the other side has a karaoke machine and can host parties. The place is pretty big and they do have a lot of tables. When we got inside to the restaurant, most of the tables were filled and I was quite surprised! This dim sum place is one of those older style restaurants where they have those carts filled with dim sum and it goes around the restaurant. I do like dim sum restaurants like these because you don't have to wait as long for them to make the dim sum!

This is Stir Fried Dao Miu. It was pretty average.

Fried Chicken Wings! This was actually pretty good, my brother cleared this plate up!


Monks McQueens- Waterfront Bar & Grill

 Monks, well known for their fresh daily seafood. Finally had a chance to give this place a try. For a couple who loves to buy vouchers we always keep an eye out for amazing deals and finally our chance was here when limmerZ snatched a voucher for us to go to the Monks with 50 dollars worth. I've never been there in my life so thank god limmerZ came here with his family before otherwise I wouldn't even know how to get to this place because it was pretty hidden. They don't have many parking spots a long the side walk so its either be patient and wait for a free parking spot or valet your car. They have a whole parking lot just for the valet boys to valet cars. So, since it was right there and all the side parkings were taken up we've decided to pay for valet instead. Valet was approximately 8 dollars. The entrance was nothing grand but when we walked in the restaurant it was a very casual setting and it was a sunny day so the brightness just made the whole place look better. Apparently on the menu at the bottom of the page it indicates that if you're going to a White Caps game they do provide free valet parking and free shuttle to BC Place and $15 dollars for burger and beer! limmerZ and I didn't know they had this before so it kind of sucked how we already went to a White Caps game :(

Food Court Corner- VINA Vietnamese

 Vina has been around for quite some time but I've never taken the time to give it a try. Finally I've decided to give this place a go, the food was average and for what it is worth I think it is definitely over priced. They have several locations in malls and according to my mom apparently they have an actual restaurant in Downtown but that was from LONG time ago so I don't know if that still exists. I went to the Oakridge Mall location which is located in the food court. Depends on what hours you go it may be super busy or not so much. I went during lunch time so it was pretty busy overall at the food court. Parking at Oakridge is easy because they have a pretty big parking lot either outside or underground. The only trouble you'll be having during lunch time is searching for a table at the food court. 

Joey Restaurant- Broadway

This blog is long overdue but better late than never! My family and I went to Joey's for Mothers Day and it was a late booking so THANK GOD we were able to reserve a table at Joey's since I assumed it'll be super busy! Parking on Broadway is always tough and expensive, I was happy to see that they provided Valet parking at the front of the restaurant. So, we took the easy route and just valeted our car and the price for valet was around 8 dollars. It was a super sunny day and outside the restaurant just made me felt like we were in California or something and it was just such a good feeling because it made me felt as if I was on vacation! Love the outer layout of the restaurant!


Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant

This is one of the better places I've tried for Shanghai food. They make the little dragon dumplings from scratch and they make it where its visible for the customers to see. I really like how they show us how they make it; at least I can see whether the area is clean or not.This place is near Lansdowne Mall and the parking lot is not that big. Especially during busy hours it gets really full and some spots are reserved for other stores. It takes a while till you can find parking there. If you're not patient at all, you can always park across the street at Lansdowne. (BUT just to give you a warning, there is a possibility of getting a ticket if you take a risk for parking at Lansdowne!

Little Dragon Dumplings. (aka. Xiao Long Bao)


La Casa Gelato

Have you ever tried Wasabi or Curry Ice Cream? I dare you to give these flavours a try! Because I did!

I didn't buy a whole scoop of these flavours but Kenboi dared me to eat a spoon scoop of the Wasabi flavour and I did! Tasted SUPER nasty but I survived. I LOVE La Casa Gelato because they have a wide range of flavours to choose from! It can literally take you forever till you decide on ONE flavour to go for. They have 218 flavours, from disgusting flavours like Wasabi to delicious flavours like Tiramisu.

We went after dinner around 9 o'clock and it was extremely packed with people. If your driving, they do have a parking lot right next to the ice cream shop, around 12 parking stalls so if you go during a non busy time usually you'll be able to find parking there. If not, I believe you can park along the side-walks.

When you first go in, you have to purchase your ice cream cone first and they'll hand you a poker chip. That poker chip represents your payment so when you're ready to pick your flavour you just hand the worker your chip and they'll know you already paid. 


Yaletown Brewing

 Love Beer?

Yaletown Brewing Restaurant is well known for their distinct beer. They have a wide range of different tasting beers, from a lighter beer for the ladies or a darker beer for the boys. At least one of their choices will satisfy your tastebuds.

When we got to the restaurant it was already really busy! It was a sunny day, so the patio was filled with people and the windows were down and there was laughter and chatting everywhere. I just really enjoyed this place! Also, there was actually a magician walking around the restaurant to big groups and did magic tricks in front for them! I was waiting for him to stop by at our table but he left :(


Earls- Kitchen and Bar

Before going to the White Cap's game, limmerZ and I decided to hit up Earls for dinner since the food at BC Place is always over priced. At first we were walking around downtown looking for a place to eat and then we decided to try the Earls in Downtown. We took the skytrain to Downtown so I don't know how parking is around that area, but usually Downtown parking is expensive so I recommend taking transit rather than driving. The interior of the place is very spacious and they had TONS of TV's everywhere. The style of the restaurant is similar to Milestone or Joey's. 

limmerZ ordered the Bronx Burger with a caesar salad on the side. ($15.75) It has onion rings in the burger and it was HUGE! It reminds me of the burger limmerZ had at the Hub. He definitely enjoyed this burger a lot. I asked him which one is better, this one or the burger at the Hub, but he couldn't choose between the two. So I'm guessing they're both too good to compare. 

Regional Tasting Lounge

limmerZ and I always look up for voucher deals online so we can try different places out. We got a 60 dollar worth voucher for Regional Tasting Lounge and we were so excited to give this place a try. Parking in Yaletown is always tough, with the tight lanes and the tight spots you really got to be careful when you park. Also there is no free parking; either pay parking or pay for valet. Overall interior design is very classy and fine dining. The entrance has an automatic sensor slide door which was pretty cool. When we looked at the menu the prices seemed decent and not overly priced. The price for the dishes ranged from 10-20 dollars. For a fancy place like this I expected the prices to be a bit higher but at the end I know the reason why. I was for sure fooled. 


Golden Harvest Restaurant

My ALL time favourite dim sum place ever!

Most of the time we always end up choosing this place for lunch during the weekends. My mama always says yes to this place while for my brothers not so much, just because my brothers were never a crazy fan over dim sum dishes. On the other hand, I really enjoy coming to this restaurant because of the service and the food quality is great. The interior is nothing fancy, it's just like any other dim sum restaurant. If you're going to try this place out I am going to warn you now about the parking! They have a mini parking area out front with 6 stalls and it is fairly tight and they also have an underground parking lot that has around 10 stalls which is ALSO very tight. Most of the time the parking spaces are taken up so we usually end up parallel parking along the street.

This is my favourite dish of all time!! It's called the Four Season Beans and it tastes absolutely delicious! Every single time I come here I have to get this! I believe the price for this dish was around 6-8 dollars.