Destination: Seattle- Pike Place Chowder

We heard many good things about Pike Place Chowder and it's a MUST try place when you're in Seattle. It's located in one of the malls in Downtown and we went around 1 something so it wasn't extremely busy. They had several tables inside the restaurant and more tables located in front of the store. They also have another location at the Public Market. 

I got a small bowl of the Southwest Chicken for $6.75 (on the left) and limmerZ got a small bowl of the Smoked Salmon Chowder for $6.45 (on the right). The Southwest Chicken is one of their specialty chowders so I had to try it out! None the less, I did not think about whether "southwest" foods are spicy or not and being the clueless me I got the one that IS spicy. It was not overly spicy only a tad but after half a bowl of drinking this chowder I was getting extremely hot and surprisingly full too! Minus the spice I thought it was extremely yummy and I will definitely go back and try more of their chowders. (Hopefully next time I'll remember to ask the worker whether it will be spicy or not..) On the side, there's a table filled with condiments, crackers and butter. They give you free bread on the side and unlimited packages of crackers for your chowder. We also got a drink on the side to share, they have several options and the one that appealed to us was the peach soda. Forgot what brand the soda was but it was super delicious!




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