Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

After a big meal at the Hub, we decided to go to Menchie's for some dessert. I've heard many good things about this place, but I always thought it'll be exactly the same as Qoola. Once we arrived, there were already a lot of people there. The place was nearly packed! The interior was really cute and fun and I thought it was an awesome place to go chill with friends ,but its a pretty small place so if you're with a big group of people, I wish you luck that it's not busy that night. 

Yogurt is always a better option compared to ice-cream. I love ice-cream but after a big meal, I just want to go for some healthy dessert! If you're on a strict diet or whatever, I can guarantee Menchie's will not disappoint! Plus it is a lot cheaper than most other dessert options. 


Hub Restaurant & Lounge

limmerZ and I went out on a triple date with our friends. At first we planned to go to Flying Pig for dinner but it was super packed and the waitress told us it'll be around an hour wait. So we decided to go for a stroll around Yaletown to see what catches our eye. There were many options in Yaletown so we weren't scared at all about finding a restaurant. At the end, we made our decision to go to The Hub Restaurant and Lounge. The inside seating area was packed so we had to sit out in the patio. It wasn't an extremely sunny day but they had heaters set up outside and also blankets provided, so we were warm and cozy. The restaurant style was very laid-back and casual, so it was perfect for our triple date.


Snack Shack- See's Candies

Around a month ago or so, my co-worker brought these See's Candies to work for us to try. I've never heard or tried these candies before so I couldn't resist but to munch on one right away. It was SUPER delicious. It's toffee inside and outside is covered with chocolate and nuts. According to my co-worker, he told me you can only find these in Seattle. So, when I went to Seattle I was looking around to see if I can spot these See candies. But at the end, I couldn't find any so I gave up. If you guys ever get a chance, I would highly recommend these for either as gifts or even just for yourself :)

Toyotomi 豐臣家

Craving for Sushi?! Hotpot?! 

I've heard many good things about this place so one night Spikyhairlicious, Awesomepossum and I have decided to give this place a try! We went there around 6pm so there was no trouble parking or any table wait. They have a parking lot in the building, 3 levels and it's pretty average sized so it can fit a good amount of cars. When we were searching for the restaurant, it was very hidden and the sign was not that noticeable, but thank buddha I know approximately where it is so finding it was no trouble at all. 

Rockford Wok-Bar-Grill

First time I went to Rockford was last year 2011 and I never went back there afterwards. Not because it wasn't delicious or horrible service, but it just never occurred in my mind again. Maybe because it was nothing spectacular and special. I went there with my friend Bee, Jho and a couple of other people and I can say that I still don't find it fascinating.


Sing Yee Restaurant

Who likes Claypot Rice? I DO!!!

Do you guys know that the slightly burnt rice that sticks to the pot, you can actually use a spoon and scrape it off and mix it in with a very good base soup and it tastes WONDERS??
I don't know how else to explain it better but this was my first time hearing/trying this at Sing Yee Restaurant.

A few weeks back, my family and I have decided to choose a place to eat in the Continential Center in Richmond. At the end, we stuck with the usual cuisine we go for, Chinese food and I was glad we did because I was very impressed with this place.