Rockford Wok-Bar-Grill

First time I went to Rockford was last year 2011 and I never went back there afterwards. Not because it wasn't delicious or horrible service, but it just never occurred in my mind again. Maybe because it was nothing spectacular and special. I went there with my friend Bee, Jho and a couple of other people and I can say that I still don't find it fascinating.

I ordered a combo that comes with half a grilled chicken sandwich with a side Caesar salad and a bowl of Miso Soup
It was around 10 dollars and surprisingly very filling. I liked the sandwich a lot but the miso soup was too salty.

Bee ordered a chicken burger and she thought the chicken was a bit too dry. It was around 12-15 dollars.

Jho's friend ordered the MOST spiciest dish in the house so I had to capture a picture of this. But according to her it was not even that spicy, but it was still very delicious.

Jho ordered the RIBS! and it looked soooooo delicious!

This is what Jho got for dessert! CHEESECAKE :) I didn't order this so I don't know if it's good or not, but she sure looked happy when she was eating that!

The interior of the restaurant reminded me a lot of Moxie's and Milestone. The food options were very similar as well, but I don't think a lot of people knew about this place because both times I've been there, there weren't many people in the restaurant eating. 
Anyway, I thought overall it's average and definitely not my first choice when choosing a place to go eat out.




Overall Rating:

1759 West Broadway
Vancouver, B.C. V6J1Y2


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