Dineout 2013- Fray

During the weekend limmerZ and I decided to go for Dine Out. We had a couple of places we wanted to try out but the one we decided at the end was Fray! limmerZ's friend told him that this place has amazing food and the atmosphere is awesome, so we thought we`ll give this place a try! The restaurant is located on Fraser & a block or so away from King Edward. If you head there during busy hours it would be very difficult to look for parking. They don`t have back parking, only street.

So the main thing about this restaurant other than the food is the BOARD GAMES! I always wanted to go to a place where they have tons of games so it`ll be fun while we wait for food or while we eat. When you first enter into the restaurant, you`ll notice the board games right away because they are placed all around the restaurant. When we were seated, they also handed us this play sheet that consisted of mini games, like connect 4 and drawing random tattoos on this body. I took a picture of it! Check it out down below.

So for appetizers, we got the Steak & Mushroom Bites and Portobello Fries!
The Steak & Mushroom bites were my favourite! Super juicy and flavourful! Also, considering it`s only an appetizer, it is VERY filling. The Portobello Fries were very enjoyable as well. Never tried anything like it. It`s a very unique idea how they fry up the portobello mushrooms. At first when I saw the dish I thought it was chicken!


Cafe Savoureux

limmerZ and I are always on a hunt for a dessert place at night, especially when we`re in Richmond. But we can never think of anywhere to go. There`s only a few dessert places around and it`s either always packed or closed. The other day we were planning to go to Yarvis to eat cheesecake until we passed by this mini cafe that caught our eye. We checked out the menu outside and they have cake and coffee. Totally right up my alley, so we decided to give this place a try. The interior was AMAZING. It was so cute and cozy and it gave this very high class, vintage vibe. This place is owned by a Taiwanese married couple.


Soho Tea Room


I\m currently drinking milktea and ate rye toast with cheese! YUM! While eating I decide to blog about where I ventured out last night. Since it was friday, limmerZ family and I went out to this new restaurant on Cambie called Soho Tea Room. At work I heard people saying its a mixture of hong kong style cuisine & taiwanese food. I love both styles so I was pretty excited to see how good this place is. Parking could be a pain in the butt if you go during busy hours. They have a parking lot at the back but its VERY tight and small.  Apparently this place is owned by the same people who owns Flo Tea Room. I guess that's why the font of their logo is very similar. I remember Flo Tea Room being on Granville and the food just got worst and worst each time. So after hearing about this relation between the two.. my excitement went down the drain.

We started off with several drinks. Mama Lim got the Taro Slush (I believe it was $4.00). limmerZ and I got the usual, honey milk tea to share ($4.00).

limmerZ and I both agreed that the honey milk tea was not milky enough. It had more of a tea flavor. In conclusion, we thought the honey milk tea from Bubble World beats this bbt by a whole lot.



At the beginning of January, we visited Felicos in Richmond for our friend's birthday dinner. I was never a big fan of Greek food so I did not expect much. Parking was not difficult because they have their own parking lot at the back area. Since we had quite a few people attending the dinner, we had a whole private section to ourselves.


I've been to the Richmond location and nothing really wowed me, so I thought maybe the Downtown location would have better food options. Upstairs they have a mini food court, so I decided to eat lunch there. I really love chicken and rice so obviously I chose the chicken teriyaki with rice. ($6.50)

It was pretty dead during the time I was there and the old man working at this booth seem so bored. The chicken teriyaki with rice does not come with a drink or anything so I thought it was pretty pricey for the amount I got. The chicken teriyaki with rice was rather plain and I could probably find something alot more affordable and delicious somewhere else.

I don't think I'll ever come back to eat there because I think it's very average and for $6.50 I can seriously find better food elsewhere.

Service: N/A

Food: 2.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 2.5/5



Pizza Hut

Last time I went to a sit in pizza hut was such a long time ago that I don't even remember how the food was.  I hardly order pizza hut, but I know that they only have pizza options and not much of an appetizer option. For sit in, their menu has more variety. This sit in pizza hut is located in Richmond near Richmond Public Market. Their parking area is not very big but I don't think the parking lot will ever max out. When we stepped in I noticed a huge difference in decor compare to wayyyyy back when I went there. The whole place has been renovated and the seatings were very comfy. There was not many people when we went, so the whole place seemed pretty dead. 


Destination: Las Vegas- CUT

Want some major serious steak? They got it at the CUT.

limmerZ and I researched for the best fine dining in Vegas and we came to a conclusion to try out CUT in Palazzo. I didn't take any photos because the lights were too dim and I didn't want to act all asian taking photos of everything :P But I still want to mention about this place because it is a MAJOR MUST TRY place.

The service was amazing. Once we sat down, the waiter took out an Ipad, and thru the Ipad you can order your drinks there. Also, he provided excellent service from the beginning to end. Service is always a major MUST in my opinion, and I was very pleased with the service he provided. 

Before our meal arrived, the waiter brought over some bread sticks and bread. They had a variety of bread options that we get to choose from. We got the garlic bread and the pretzel bread. The bread was no normal bread, it was extremely flavourful.

I ordered the New York Sirloin 14 Oz $56.00 from Washington. limmerZ got the American Wagyu/Rib Eye Steak 9 Oz $88.00. On the side we ordered Mac n Cheese ($19.00) and it was the BEST Mac n Cheese that I've ever tried. I'm not even exaggerating on this. It was SO flavourful and SO cheesy. No word can describe it, so just go try it for yourself! I highly recommend it.

This place is pretty pricey but for the quality you get, it is DEFINITELY worth the money. My steak was not bad but once I tried limmerZ steak, I was freaking out at how good it was. Next time I'm definitely going for that. 




Overall Rating:



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Destination: Las Vegas- Coca Cola Store

So last time I've been to the Coca Cola store in Vegas was several years back and I swear they did not have this kind of option back then so I'm guessing its fairly new. I remember they had a station where they'll give you a sample of the original Coca Cola. This time when we went there, there was this option on the menu for $7.00 called around the world tray. We looked around and a few tables had trays of different versions of Coca Cola, looked pretty interesting so we got it as well. Also for $7.00,the amount they poured in to the cups are a pretty good amount. We couldn't finish all of them at the end because the air filled us up.