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During the weekend limmerZ and I decided to go for Dine Out. We had a couple of places we wanted to try out but the one we decided at the end was Fray! limmerZ's friend told him that this place has amazing food and the atmosphere is awesome, so we thought we`ll give this place a try! The restaurant is located on Fraser & a block or so away from King Edward. If you head there during busy hours it would be very difficult to look for parking. They don`t have back parking, only street.

So the main thing about this restaurant other than the food is the BOARD GAMES! I always wanted to go to a place where they have tons of games so it`ll be fun while we wait for food or while we eat. When you first enter into the restaurant, you`ll notice the board games right away because they are placed all around the restaurant. When we were seated, they also handed us this play sheet that consisted of mini games, like connect 4 and drawing random tattoos on this body. I took a picture of it! Check it out down below.

So for appetizers, we got the Steak & Mushroom Bites and Portobello Fries!
The Steak & Mushroom bites were my favourite! Super juicy and flavourful! Also, considering it`s only an appetizer, it is VERY filling. The Portobello Fries were very enjoyable as well. Never tried anything like it. It`s a very unique idea how they fry up the portobello mushrooms. At first when I saw the dish I thought it was chicken!

For Main course, I got the Maple Bacon Jam Burger.
The patty was HUGE and super juicy! I could barely take a proper bite out of it because it was HUGE! The jam was a very unique touch; gave it a kick of sweetness. I wouldn`t say this was the best burger I`ve tried but definitely enjoyable. I didn`t even end up finishing the burger. The fries on the side were AMAZING! They were seriously super addicting... they were crunchy and freshly made. From the picture you would assume they are just normal fries, but I can guarantee those fries are delicious!

limmerZ got the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Chips on the side.
The chef makes the chips himself from scratch and those were very addicting as well. limmerZ said if they sell it in bag form, he would totally purchase them. The pulled pork sandwich on the other hand was kind of a disappointment. The meat was very dry, no juice at all and it was just average.


limmerZ got the 5 Layer Mile High Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganesh filling and mixed berry compote!
If you are a chocolate cake lover you will definitely enjoy this! limmerZ didn`t even finish this at the end because it was such a huge slice!

 I got the classic New York Cheesecake!
I`ll never say no to cheesecake! It`s my favourite dessert and this place did not disappoint. Especially with the raspberry sauce they drizzled on the plate with whip cream on the side, Ohmygosh super super YUMMY!

While we were eating our dessert we played some board games from Connect 4 to Scrabble. We were there around 6:50pm and we ended up leaving around 9ish. Stayed there for more then 2 hours because we lost track of time through fun board games! I had an amazing time with my love. I highly recommend this place to come with a big group of friends as well!



Price: N/A ($18 DINEOUT MENU)

Overall Rating:

Dineout is still on until February 3, 2013!!! So use this time wisely and go try some amazing food out in this amazing city :)

The list of restaurants who are involved in dine out is all on the site I listed below!


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