Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant

Who remembers the "Old" Aberdeen from back in the days? I DO!!!!

Before the newly built Aberdeen existed, there was an old Aberdeen. I was fairly young back then but I still vividly remember the Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant. An upstairs location, always packed, side seats had the view of a bowling alley and the food was superb. After they took down the old Aberdeen, Rhino's Kitchen was gone for a good few years and now its back! After hearing about the newly opened Rhino's Kitchen Restaurant in Lansdowne Mall, I had to give this place a try!

Thai Son Restaurant

Who loves lemongrass chicken and rice?? I DO!!!!!!

After the disappointing news we got from Regional Tasting Lounge about the unavailable tables until 11pm on Friday, we had decided to go try out Thai Son Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond. We went there pretty early, sometime before 6, so there were plenty of parking spots available for us. Thai Son is a restaurant on the second level of the building and if I did not hear about this place, I would've never noticed that this place existed. 

View from Parking Lot
Main entrance to Restaurant