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Hello food lovers,

Our team consists of two bloggers, Phil and Jess. Domoiscraving started off by Jess, who would occasionally post about food whenever she has time, but now it became a major addiction and she basically tries to blog every other day. Within the year of 2014, she asked Phil to help her blog at times when she is too busy with work or school. With Phil joining the Domoiscraving Team, it made it more interesting and fun for the both of them. Phil is an excellent writer and Jess is extremely passionate about food, so with the two combined, they make the perfect team

Interesting stuff bout Jess:
-Current Song obsession: Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

-Currently OBSESSED with blanket scarves :)

-Current Fave TV Shows: Young & Hungry, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars

-Current Fave Restaurant: Shishinori & Maji

Interesting stuff about Phil:
-Current Song obsession: Girl's Day - Something   (I like Kpop =p)

-Currently OBSESSED with football!

-Current Fave TV Shows: How To Get Away With Murder

-Current Fave Restaurant: Tap & Barrel

Want current updates about what we are eating or where we are eating usually? Check out our facebook page @ www.facebook.com/DomoIsCraving

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Anyways, ENJOY! 
Jess & Phil

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