Cafe Eggstatic

Hey everyone!

Been slow with the blogging lately because we've been so busy with family gatherings for the holidays. But now we are back and have multiple places lined up to blog! So today I will be talking about a newly opened bubble tea place within Crystal Mall in Burnaby. I hardly go to Crystal Mall because its pretty far for me unless I'm heading to Metrotown. The other day we came across this bubble tea cafe and noticed the old bubble tea place has closed up and this has replaced their location. My friend actually opened this place up and I've noticed on her previous facebook posts talking about their birds nest bubble teas but I didn't know they took over the previous bubble tea cafe! When I got there I was excited to say hi to her and also try out their stuff!

**I just want to put a disclaimer out there, even though she's my friend, my opinion on their food and drink is 100% my true, honest opinion.**


Damien's Belgian Waffle Factory

Hey everyone!

A week or two ago, Phil & I decided to go to Steveston for brunch. Randomly we saw this little waffle joint on the side and decided to switch up our brunch idea for some waffles. Their sign is not massive so its easily missed. They have reserved spots right in front for specifically their customers only. Lucky enough, there were spots available. When we got there, we were the only customers. Their interior was very bright and their color choices are very bold. They've got bright yellow walls on one side and bright orange on the other. Their choice of wall paintings/art were very unique as well. Right when you step foot into this place, it smells AMAZING. They have several choices of flavour to choose from. 

If you want to skip the reading but still want to know what we think, check out our youtube channel: Domoiscraving

This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REvjUFKegUg


BT Cafe

Hey Everyone,

After volleyball drop in recently, a few teammates and I went for lunch afterwards, and after trying to go to a few other places, we ended up at BT Cafe. They're an HK cafe style restaurant, so I would go for what I usually order at these types of restaurants: Pick 2 Items combos.


Mango Yummy

Hey Everyone,

Since Jess and I almost never have the appetite for dessert after our dinners, we thought it would be a good idea to have dessert during the day instead, before we stuff ourselves at dinner! 

We had heard of Mango Yummy before and I've even tried their mochi already when Jess' mom brought back some for us when she went there. That mochi was pretty good so we always wanted to give this place a visit.

They are part of a strip mall across from Richmond Centre so they have their own parking lot in front, which is shared with the strip mall.

Inside, seating is limited, but luckily we were able to get a table just as a group was leaving. You order from the counter and pick it up there as well. 

There were so many choices to pick from, but we settled on their Signature Mango Shaved Ice $7.


Pearl Castle

Hey everyone,

Recently I've been going to Pearl Castle a lot. I've always liked their food but because of past bad service experiences, it always stopped me from going. With their Richmond Center location its just a very convenient spot to meet up with friends and also a great place to go to after shopping. I went there twice this week, first time was after shopping and second time was to meet a friend for dinner. Despite the slow services, the food is actually really good here. 

Here is my go-to dish, the Chicken nuggets with fried rice ($9.25). This dish is under $10.00 and comes with a generous portion. The chicken nuggets taste delicious and the fried rice is very flavorful. Within the fried rice, there is green onions, onions & carrots.


Pho An Nam

Hey Everyone,

Richmond is full of pho restaurants, and so far my favourite has been Pho 37 but I'm always on the lookout for good pho restaurants that are closer than Ironwood. Jess suggested to try out Pho An Nam so off we went!


Octopus Garden

Hey everyone,

Back with another blog today and its another sushi place! By now, you all probably know i have a thing or two for sushi places. This restaurant is located near kits beach and it's right on Cornwall. There's free parking around the area, mostly residential parking. They also have meter parking right in front of the restaurant.

Their door handles are really cute. It's all wood and its shaped like a bottle.


TaiShoKen Ramen

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I were in downtown for a Canucks game and we go there early to go eat somewhere nearby, and we happened upon TaiShoKen Ramen when walking around the area. It seems we're on a ramen streak recently so without further adieu!


Off the grid waffles

Hey everyone,

I initially came across photos on Instagram and I knew automatically this is a place I must check out with Phil. When we first stepped in, they used a lot of wood as the interior. You got wood flooring, wood paneling on the walls, & wooden counter top. Even their front facade has wood. Even though they were using a lot of wood, it did not feel overwhelming. They balanced it with white chairs, white walls, etc. The interior is very long and narrow but can still manage to sit a good amount of people. Their style is very relaxing, chill, and clean. They have photos of their food as their menu and I think that's very smart. Their photos were professionally taken and I seriously wanted to order every single one they had to offer.

They have coffee and tea options on the menu. But if you want water, they have mason jars on the side with lemon water available at the back. 

By the way, for parking, they have street parking right in front of the restaurant OR you can search for free residential parking at the back.


Kongee Dinesty

Hey everyone!

I hardly go for congee unless I'm sick but I came across this place with Phil and thought it was a great breakfast option if you live in Richmond. You can customize your choice of congee for $8.95 a bowl with two toppings. 

For base, they either have plain, seasoned or black peppered base. My friend tried the plain before and told me it literally had no flavor, therefore when I came here, I knew automatically I am getting the seasoned base. For toppings, they have a good variety of options, I went for Chicken and Salted Egg. You can also choose whichever garnish you would like on your congee. I really like how they had this option for you and you can choose as many garnishes you would like. I went for Green onion, pickled radish & preserved vegetables.

We went on a weekend and when you order a congee, they'll throw in a free soy milk drink at no extra cost. So I decided to get the hot soy milk. 



Bubble World - Central Burnaby

Hey Everyone,

Bubble World in Burnaby near Metrotown was a place I frequented back in the highschool and early university days, but recently I've been coming back here a bit more often and it's just as good as it was back in the day! They're a Taiwanese bubble tea restaurant with more modern and western style dishes than traditional ones.

Starting off with drinks, I went with my usual, Honey Chrysanthemum, cold, with Grass Jelly $4.45.

They've added a ton of new items to the menu since those days but the classics are still good. One item that is newish was what I ordered, Taiwanese Pork Chop w/ Rice $7.95.