The Bubble Tea Shop - Downtown

Hey everyone!

The other day I went to the new Bubble Tea Shop in Downtown. Surprisingly, I've never been to the Richmond location so I was super excited to try out their bubble waffles! I've seen many photos on social media and a bunch of other foodies talking about it, so I wanted to know what this place is all about! This location is located on Robson, near all the Korean bars. The exact location is 1680 Robson Street. Recommend car pooling with friends if you are planning to come here OR transit (but the walk is a bit far from skytrain, unless you bus down). 

The interior is very small and petite but still have enough tables to sit a few large groups. Surprisingly when we got there around 9-10pm, it was not full. They make great use of the space but seat between seat may be a bit tight. Also, they have racks above the inner seats to make up as storage space for their cups BUT it actually fell down randomly, so just beware if you end up sitting under those cups. 

Their menu is located on the tv located on the wall. Also, there is other options of different items that are not listed on their menu on the screen. They taped it all around their cashier area! So if you don't see anything you want on the main menu, check out the other ones they have listed around their cashier desk. 


Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

Shortly after Jess and I got engaged, we did a dinner with both Jess' and my parents together at Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant. I had been to this restaurant before so I was expecting good things. 

Food first!


Whole Foods Burnaby

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Domo Is Craving! The other day, Phil and I stopped by the new Whole Foods in Burnaby. They've officially opened one under the new Solo residential building. With new residents moving in, this a great way to unite the community! They have everything you need around this neighbourhood. They've got Boston Pizza, Sushi Garden, soon to open a Shoppers Drug Mart, etc... Anyways, since we were around the neighbourhood, we decided to grab some lunch at the new Whole Foods. I've tried their food before in the Cambie location, so I thought i'll see what type of selections they'll have at this new location.

The overall design layout is very similar to the Cambie location. The food selection in the Burnaby location has a bit more variety. They had multiple soups to choose from, extremely overpriced sushi (a box of packaged sushi costs $9.99...) pizzas, etc. Phil went for a pizza and I got a box and filled it up with whatever I want.

So I grabbed some Garlic Pasta, Bacon Chedder Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese, Teriyaki Chicken and I believe the other chicken was a maple garlic chicken? (approx. $8-10)
I also got a side Chicken Noodle Soup (approx. $5.50)

All prices are "approx" because I totally forgot to keep the receipt and my brain only can remember so much... So here are my thoughts on the food...

The garlic pasta was plain, cold, bland and pretty much not worth your time trying.
The bacon chedder mac & cheese tasted WAY better than the plain mac & cheese that I've tried at the Cambie location. Not as cheesy as I want it to be, but fills you up and is a decent option.
Teriyaki chicken was great, loved the flavour and was cooked very well!
The other chicken was good too but the meat was kind of dry.
The Chicken noodle soup, at least what I scooped up, had no chicken. Not my preferable place to get soup and the soup was pretty pricey in my opinion.

For Phil's pizza, he liked it alot. Don't remember which one he got! But he had no complaints towards their pizza options! So he would recommend getting that at Whole Foods.


Cineplex VIP Experience - SilverCity Coquitlam and VIP

Hey Everyone,

So right before Cineplex's Scene program officially changed their points redemption schedule to the new (less worth) system, I bought two tickets at the old point price of 1000 points each for 007 Spectre at the Coquitlam VIP theater. If you didn't know the old system allowed you to redeem 1000 points for any movie ticket level, whether it be regular, 3D, AVX, IMAX, D-Box, or VIP, but the new system requires 2000 points to get a VIP ticket, and 1500 points for any other type of ticket higher than a regular one. 

Coquitlam's theater was the closest one to us, with the other BC VIP theater located in Abbotsford. They have a good sized parking lot on ground level, and an underground parking lot right below as well!

With our VIP ticket, we get access to their VIP lounge, which consisted of a full bar, stylish and modern decor, comfortable seating, and table service to order food and drinks. This was essentially a full on restaurant as they had a full menu of items to order, from appies like wings and chicken fingers, to entrees like burgers and pizzas. 

We started off at the cozy seats on the side just lounging, then we figured if we're going to eat a meal, it would be a lot more comfortable at an actual table, so we moved.


Fondway Cafe

Hey everyone!

Before Christmas hit, a new Burnaby Taiwanese style cafe opened up across from Metrotown. This is no ordinary Taiwanese cafe because you're probably thinking "bubble tea & popcorn chicken". This is a legit cafe that serves, tea, coffee, sandwiches, waffles, etc. We were invited by Fondway Cafe & Chobee PR to their food media launch event and we were extremely excited to be able to attend. The whole restaurant was closed for this special media event so we had the whole place to check out and try their food & drinks.

When you first enter, on the right hand side, there is a whole wall filled with different types of tea. In front of each tea can, they include a description & price per grams. We were able to try out a few drinks they prepared for us and all of them were extremely delicious. When you smell the flavor, it smells very strong BUT the taste of the tea is very subtle.

Sekai Udon Bar

Hi Everyone!

Happy Chinese New Year! I feel like I haven't blogged in the longest time. I've been so busy with everything in life, I literally had no time to blog. BUT I am officially back and I have a few lined up blog posts which will be coming out very soon! 

If you read my blogs, you would probably notice a bunch of my reviews are within Richmond. All my activities 80% of the time revolves around Richmond, so its hard to get out of there at times. During the weekend we went to Metrotown to shop and we came across this new restaurant that I personally never seen before. Its right under the food court and its a Udon Bar. They definitely renovated the interior and it looks very big and spacious. I was happy to see on their menu they also have sushi roll options. I was really craving for sushi but we decided to go for their weekend deal instead.

Their lunch special only happens on weekends from 11am-3pm. You can choose a Udon option, a rice option, soup or salad and it comes with two sides, all for $10.50.