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Hi Everyone!!

I just want to thank everyone for always supporting our food blog! Me and Phil will continue blogging just because we love food so much! Starting this blog was to share our experience with everyone but also because we love to express our emotions towards each place in words. We are actually thinking of vlogging our experiences too! Let us know if you'll love to watch some vlogs from us! The passion we have for food is beyond this world and I'm so blessed to have you all by our sides supporting us by checking our blog out!

This is our first time joining an award competition.. so lets see how it goes..
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Love you all!


Melt's Grilled Cheese at Rogers Arena

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I recently attended our first Canucks game this season and saw some new food options at the concession stands. We saw a sign for grilled cheese sandwiches, and I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches, so I had to try one! Now they marketed this quite heavily inside the arena because right when you enter from the outside, there's a huge sign hanging from the ceiling advertising the NEW grilled cheese sandwiches and which section to buy them from. They also run ads about it during commercial breaks on the jumbotron, telling of how this is part of the new lineup of foods that the executive chef is introducing. It tells of him wanting to bring that homemade goodness that he used to experience as a child or something and wanted to share that with the fans. 

When arrive at the section with Melt, there will likely be a huge lineup already, unless the hype has already died down by the time you're reading this. They mass grill them here and then add the additional ingredients, if you choose those options, afterwards. The grill is prepped with melted butter first of course. After a bunch are ready, they stack them up and bring them to another table for the additional ingredients if you ordered them. 


Spoon Kitchen

Hey everyone!!!

Back with another blogpost on this Thai & Malaysian restaurant located on West 4th. I've been here once before with Phil, also with a voucher deal. This time around, I got the 4 person voucher deal for me & my family. I highly recommend getting the voucher deal because it is definitely worth trying.

Here is the link to the voucher incase you are interested:

I forgot what the drinks are called but it was their non-alcoholic exotic fruit drinks. I believe it consists of mangos, pineapples, etc. Just look at their drink menu and you'll find it!


Duft & Co Bakehouse

Hi everyone!

I am so happy to be the first to blog about this wonderful bakehouse located in Abbotsford. It is definitely a super far hidden gem for us Vancity ppl but I do recommend coming here if you are in Abbotsford!

For all the food items, I didn't keep record of how much each things cost...just because I was SUPER hungry and I felt like ordering everything there! but I can guarantee everything is affordable! All in total including coffee, it came to around $30.00 for both of us. It only came to $30.00 for us is because we ordered ALOT for two people. So don't be scared by that number.

Duft is the owner of this little bakehouse and I can tell immediately from him & his staff that this place has AMAZING service. Everyone was super friendly and full of smiles! Just brings joy to people in the morning!

So we ordered 2 ham & cheese croissants, a dozen donuts (half chai & half original glazed), one cinnamon bun, & I think the last thing we ordered was the apple fritter?

I always order ham & cheese croissant at school and it costs me around the same price as this one and I can guarantee there is a HUGE difference. We bought the food home to enjoy and our drive back was approximately 45-50 mins and I would assume the food would not be as great but OMG it was still ON POINT!

The ham & cheese croissant was SUPER crunchy on the outside and SUPER soft on the inside & the meat inside is not those cheap ham, it was stacked with deli ham! Great quality for the money you pay for.


What's Shaken Milkshake Bar

Hey everyone!

Back with a quick blog about What's Shaken Milkshake Bar!

It is located on 586 Davie Street and my friend brought me there for an after dinner treat. I'm not much of a milkshare fan...since I don't really like milk to begin with, but he highly recommends this place so I decided why not. 


Cherry On Top

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, it's been so overwhelming...with Phil moving, lots of hw & starting up our very OWN COMPANY!!!

I'm super excited to announce that we have launched our very own gift box company! We scouted around Vancouver for some of the best products from local artisans. I am a design freak and just putting the time to put something together and giving it to someone special and making them smile is the best feeling ever! 

As you guys may know, we LOVE food, so I'm super excited to let you guys know about our company and if you guys have someone in mind who you want to give a gift box to, THIS IS IT!

Our company name was discovered out of the blue by me, while I was eating lunch at home and was squeezing super hard to the point where brain juice was going to spill. We had a couple of ideas in mind but this one was by far the best one for us. I was staring at the random thing below:
I don't even know if it's actually cherries... but the idea just came to me. 

We want to be the cherry on top for either your business, your love life, your friendship, your clients & etc. Let us top it off with our amazing gift boxes. We value on quality over quantity and handpicked some of the best products ever for our boxes.

Displaying 20141102_224037.jpg

Check out our website at: www.cherryontopdesign.ca

Tell us what you think! Love to get back some feedback from all of you!

Happy living!

Hapa Izakaya

Hey Everyone,

Went for lunch recently at apparently the only Hapa Izakaya that serves lunch, the Coal Harbour location.

This location is located near the convention centre area where the new Rogue location is. When we arrived, it was around 1pm and this place was packed with business suited people. No surprise this was a favourite among workers downtown!

There were a bunch of people waiting at the front of the restaurant, but we had reservations so we walked right in and got our table. We were seated in this section of the restaurant:

The couch seating is quite nice and comfy, and they have TV's on both ends of this room. The bar is to the right of this photo and turns around further to the right in an L shape. If you can't tell, those are mirrors on the left wall, so this room only "seems" much larger than it is.