Cherry On Top

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, it's been so overwhelming...with Phil moving, lots of hw & starting up our very OWN COMPANY!!!

I'm super excited to announce that we have launched our very own gift box company! We scouted around Vancouver for some of the best products from local artisans. I am a design freak and just putting the time to put something together and giving it to someone special and making them smile is the best feeling ever! 

As you guys may know, we LOVE food, so I'm super excited to let you guys know about our company and if you guys have someone in mind who you want to give a gift box to, THIS IS IT!

Our company name was discovered out of the blue by me, while I was eating lunch at home and was squeezing super hard to the point where brain juice was going to spill. We had a couple of ideas in mind but this one was by far the best one for us. I was staring at the random thing below:
I don't even know if it's actually cherries... but the idea just came to me. 

We want to be the cherry on top for either your business, your love life, your friendship, your clients & etc. Let us top it off with our amazing gift boxes. We value on quality over quantity and handpicked some of the best products ever for our boxes.

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Check out our website at: www.cherryontopdesign.ca

Tell us what you think! Love to get back some feedback from all of you!

Happy living!

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