Congee Noodle House

Hello everyone!

Doing a super short post today because I've been loaded with homework recently. The other day after driving to Surrey with my bro to do some errands, we ended up going to Congee Noodle House for lunch. It was a cold, chilly day in Vancouver and I was really craving for some good and cheap Asian food.

This restaurant is located on Broadway and Main. They have a few parking spots at the back but it's very limited. We went on a weekday, so there were plenty of spots at the back. Everything on the menu is super affordable and my whole family loves coming here for a simple and delicious meal.

I ended up getting a Wonton noodle in soup. (approx. $6.00)
The soup tasted great and the wontons are made out of real shrimp. It's an extremely simple dish but I love it. We ended up getting two dishes & ordered another meal on the side for my other bro. Total came up to approx. $19.00.

$20.00 bucks here can get you three filling meals and I highly recommend coming here if you are on a budget and want some great food to warm up your belly.

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 3.25/5


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Pepper Lunch

Hey Everyone,

So after driving by this restaurant for a while now, I've finally decided to try it out! Since the name is Pepper "Lunch", we decided to have lunch here!

I heard this was just like Teppan Kitchen at Aberdeen so I wanted to see what made this special enough to need a sit in restaurant as opposed to a food court stall. 

When we got in, there was a desk at the front with a menu board behind them, meaning you order and pay for your food up front, then you get seated by a server. The servers bring your order to you when it is ready.

The decor of the restaurant was pretty cool with brick walls.


Flying Pig in Gastown

Hey everyone!

After a long day of work, me & my co-workers decided to head down to Gastown to get some food to release some stress. We were planning to try out "Ask for Luigi" but it was over an hour wait, therefore our second choice was "The Flying Pig" in Gastown. I've never been to the Gastown location before and I absolutely love this location way more than the one in Yaletown. This location is bigger in space, a two floor dining restaurant and its a corner location with high length windows allowing lots of natural lighting in to the space.


Soft Peaks Ice Cream

Hello everyone!

We are officially back from our trip from Dominican Republic and we are more than happy to come back to beautiful BC. I will soon post a blog regarding our trip and our thoughts on the food there, so stay tuned!

Yesterday I finally got to try out Soft Peaks Ice Cream in Gastown. Its a two level story ice cream store. I don't know full details about their ice cream but on the walls inside it does indicate they are handmade, gluten free & 100% natural. The interior is very simple, they have a full wallpaper of simple milk bottles & ice cream cones along the side of the staircase, which I thought was cute.