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Hi everyone!

I love looking up new restaurants around Vancouver either through Urbanspoon or Vancitybuzz but I never remember it off the top of my head. Therefore I always have this list that I carry around with me. It's usually folded and placed within my daily planner. I've decided to share with you guys my "Places to try" list so if you have any comments or opinions about that restaurant, definitely leave me a comment! I would LOVE to know whether a certain place is "poor" or "fantastic" ahead of time so I know approx. what to expect. 

This list will eventually grow longer & once it's been tried, i'll tick it off my list :)
Pls note, all highlighted restaurants have been checked off the list!

My "Places to try" List:

-The Greedy Pig

-Rangoli- Indian food on West 11th

-Nook - Kitsilano

-Au Comptoir- Kitsilano

-Matoi Sushi Coquitlam

-Kin Kao- Thai- Commercial Street



-Chill Winston  

-Bao Down - Gastown

-Bob likes Thai Food- Thai- Broadway

-Yolks Bfast Restaurant

-Earnest Ice Cream

-Crackle Creme

-Hokkaido Ramen

-Ask For Luigi

-Twisted Fork Bistro

-Neighbors Restaurant Comment: Great and delicious pasta

-The Wallflower

-Dunns Famous Diner

-Matchstick coffee  Comment: LOVE LOVE LOVE the interior & the coffee


-Tonys fish & oyster cafe

-Screamers Ice Cream

-Sollys Bagelry

-Taishoken Ramen

-Guu Garlic 

-The Famous Warehouse  Comment: check out my blogpost on The Famous Warehouse

-Milano Coffee

-Beta 5  Comment: the cream puffs are a MUST TRY! 

-Damiens Belgian Waffles

-Smokehouse Sandwich

-The Last Crumb Bakery

-Basho Cafe

-Neverland Tea Salon

-Smak Fast Food

Hope to hear some recommendations from you all!
Or tag me @domoiscraving on instagram of a restaurant pic you posted up so I can check it out!

Happy eating!
-Jess from domoiscraving

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