Cactus Club in Park Royal

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the recent sunshine as much as I am! Last week I went to Squamish with my friend and we were able to hike all the way up to the top! The view was totally worth the hike up. It was our first hike of the year so we were a bit rusty but none the less, we made it !

After a long hiking trip we were starving by the time we got to the bottom, so we ended up driving to Park Royal, which was around 40 mins of a drive from Squamish. By the time we got to Park Royal, there were so many choices but at the end we decided to eat at Cactus Club.

My friend ordered the Spaghettini with Kobe Style Meatballs ($21.00). I tried this last time when I went to Cactus with Phil and his family and the spaghetti was extremely delicious! They used mushroom truffle cream for the spaghetti and used tomato sauce for the Kobe Meatballs.

I ordered the Prawn Spaghettini ($20.50). I personally thought this dish had a slight spice to it probably from the herbs or peppers. Overall a very enjoyable dish but as a personal preference, I still prefer the Spaghettini with Kobe Style Meatballs.

Service: 3/5

Food: 3.5/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.25/5

Happy Summer everyone!

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Waffle Gone Wild

Hey everyone!

The weather in Vancouver has been extremely gorgeous lately and so the other day me & my friend decided to go down to Kits for a haircut, but we had a bit of time before our appointment therefore we decided to try out a restaurant nearby. OH! and one more thing before I start talking about food! I also bought myself my own little sunflower plant :) Sunflowers are by far my fave flower and I just had to bring one home to brighten up my space for the summer!

Now lets talk about WAFFLES! We ended up going to a small little restaurant called Waffle Gone Wild. They were originally Japanese owned but now has been sold to a new owner. Either way the food is still the same and I was really pleased with my breakfast order. 


Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar

Hey everyone!

I've been exploring Richmond more often recently and my friend recommended this Japanese Sushi restaurant on Garden City & Blundell Road. I brought my mom and bro with me to give this place a try for dinner. When we first stepped in, we were the first customers to be seated for dinner. From first impression the interior didn't wow me and the fact that the whole restaurant was completely empty..I was quite skeptical regarding how good the food may be. We were given a table that had a "reservation" sign on it so my first thought was..."are they just placing these signs on the tables to make it seem like people will eventually come....?" ANYWAYS, after we ordered our food, more people started to show up so the whole fear factor of this place may potentially be horrible just decreased a tiny bit. By the time our food arrived, majority of the tables were already filled, so I was like OH GOD, we are not the only ones!

First off, I ordered a Miso Soup ($2.00) for my mom. The bowl is extremely small so for 2 dollars, i don't think it's worth ordering.


Me n Ed's Pizza Parlor Revisit

Hey Everyone,

We recently revisited Me n Ed's Pizza Parlor, but this time in the Coquitlam location. Last time it was a take out order from the Highgate location in Burnaby, so we'll see how dining in is like at the Coquitlam location now.

This location's building is very similar to the Highgate one, as it's located next to a McDonalds as well, and the size of the restaurant is similar as well. 

Let's get straight to the food!

For starters, we had two orders of wings, BBQ and Honey Garlic. Their wings are pretty tasty and meaty! They come with celery sticks and I love celery sticks! We didn't get a photo of their wings but they're pretty typical wings. Pretty decent!

Now for the pizza:


This used to be my favourite after last time I had their pizza. Eating it fresh in the restaurant was even better! The fresh tomatoes tasted so good on this pizza, and their crust is by far one of the best crusts in local pizza! It has a flaky texture to it and does not become rock-like even after reheating later on. This is a very good pizza, but the other 2 we ordered were even better!



Kisoji Japanese Kitchen

Hey everyone!

The other day I went all the way to Pitt Meadows with Phil to attend the Mazda CX3 Introduction Test Drive Event. We signed up for the 7:30pm schedule so we had some time to go grab some food. I searched on Zomato and a lot of people had positive comments on this restaurant called Kisoji so we decided to try it out while we were there. This restaurant is located in a plaza and its located on the right hand side all the way at the end. Across from it there is Brick and other commercial retails. The interior is simple but has a Japanese style attached to it. They have a wooden block paneling on one side with a section with under lighting that displays their beautiful Japanese bottles. I thought this place was very clean and service was great! They had multiple staff on the floor making sure everyone was taken care of and I also had a view of the kitchen and I can tell all their items are organized and prepped. 


Flying Beaver - Revisit

Hey Everyone,

Had lunch recently at Flying Beaver with Jess, her bro, and my colleague and good friend. We went on a weekday and it was pretty busy during lunch time so we had to wait for a table at first, although it wasn't long before we were seated.

They had a Monday special on Sleeman Original Draught for $4.56 per sleeve so I got one.

We then got to ordering our food, so without further adieu:


Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Hello everyone!

I have a few places to blog about this week but I decided to start off this gloomy Tuesday on a happier note...ICE CREAM! I think the name of this ice cream shop is very true, I don't care whether its raining or snowing or hailing, I will still crave for ice-cream!

For some heck of a reason, last week was blazing with sun and it was AWESOME. Despite the fact I had to move, work, and go to school, the sun definitely made my week more enjoyable than it actually was. During my lunch hour away from work, my friends and I decided to drive down on Cambie and grab ice-cream from Rain Or Shine.

Just like the photo below indicates, they make the ice cream fresh, natural & with local whole ingredients. Since I have my own gift company-Cherry On Top Designs based on local products, I know for a fact that they use Vancouver Olive Oil Company's Balsamic Vinegar to make their blueberry balsamic ice cream and it tastes great and definitely unique!
They have a big selection of ice cream to choose from but I ended up ordering my usual favorites, Salted Caramel & London Fog. (Two flavors $5.00)

Its rich, simple & creamy! No complaints for a fine cup of ice cream on a sunny day :)

Service: N/A

Food: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


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