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Hey Everyone,

Had lunch recently at Flying Beaver with Jess, her bro, and my colleague and good friend. We went on a weekday and it was pretty busy during lunch time so we had to wait for a table at first, although it wasn't long before we were seated.

They had a Monday special on Sleeman Original Draught for $4.56 per sleeve so I got one.

We then got to ordering our food, so without further adieu:

I ordered the Bad Boy Burger $16 which was a basic burger with cheese, bacon, mushrooms & fried onions. 

I was a bit deceived with the "fried onions" as I was expecting something like onion rings or crispy onions as I've had in other burgers before, but the onions in the burger seemed like regular onions that may have been pan fried onions. The burger itself was DELICIOUS! I removed the pickles from the burger as I'm not a huge fan of pickles if I don't have to eat it. The rest of the toppings came together so well and just resulted in an amazing burger! The yellow sauce that they use in the burger was very tasty and complimented the burger perfectly. The only gripe I would have on this burger would be that it was a bit too messy to eat! This was definitely not a dry burger, as the sauce made the bottom bun so moist that it would drip out of the burger and onto the plate as I ate it. Toppings of mushrooms and onions would fall out of the burger while biting into it as well, so it didn't hold together too well sometimes. I should have cut the burger in half and ate it a half at a time, but this suggestion from my colleague came too late into the burger!

The Caesar salad that I subbed for the fries was not bad at first, but as I got towards the bottom of the salad, I found the salad had way too much dressing. If that's how you like your salad, leave it the way it is, but personally for the next time I'm here, I'll ask them to lighten up on the dressing!

Jess had the Clam Chowder $7 to share with her bro, 

and the Sesame Crusted Tuna Salad $16 for herself.

The chowder was delicious according to Jess, with lots of stuff in it and it was very filling. 

The salad was just ok. She thought the tuna wasn't anything special as it wasn't melting in her mouth or anything. I had a taste of the seared tuna, and I thought it was not bad. She didn't really want the rest of the salad at the end. The mangoes in the salad were fresh and made the salad delicious, but she thinks without the mangoes, the dish would not have been that great. She asked for the dressing to be on the side, but she was given two small dishes of dressing instead, when one of them should have been cheese. 

Her bro had the Half Chicken Under Brick $18, which was a blackened, de-boned half chicken grilled under a brick, drizzled in BBQ sauce, served with scalloped potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

He said it was good! This plate is definitely a lot of food as you get half a chicken plus a large portion of scalloped potatoes, which he did not start on until much later into the meal. Overall he liked the dish!

My colleague had the Cobb Salad $16.

This salad was quite visually appealing with its array of chopped romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, bacon, cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, candied pecans, hard-boiled egg, craisins, and ranch dressing. There is one ingredient left out at the request of my colleague because he does not like it: Danish blue cheese. From his review, the salad itself is very good, but not good enough for him to consider it worth $16. 

The service was not bad, as they were relatively available when we needed them, and they came around to refill water often. It's not really service related, but I thought our table was too small for four people, as you can see from the picture above, the salad plate is partially off the table because of the limited space available. Otherwise, the service was attentive enough and they cleared the table swiftly while packing up leftovers for us just as quickly. One thing was that when we were given the bill, they didn't ask us whether we had the stamp card or not. As it turns out, Jess had a stamp card, but forgot about it at the time, but the server did not ask us about it at the time, so we didn't end up getting any stamps that day. 

Overall the food was great here. Flying Beaver has not disappointed me yet as their food has been great throughout all the times we've been here. I'm slowly trying more of their menu and will report back with each visit. Their pricing on some of their items, namely their salads, may be higher than what some might value it at, but the taste is at least on the good side. I would definitely recommend coming here to try out their food and have a beer. They've got TV's around the restaurant, so it's not a bad place to come watch the game either!





Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy!
- Phil

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