Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Hello everyone!

I have a few places to blog about this week but I decided to start off this gloomy Tuesday on a happier note...ICE CREAM! I think the name of this ice cream shop is very true, I don't care whether its raining or snowing or hailing, I will still crave for ice-cream!

For some heck of a reason, last week was blazing with sun and it was AWESOME. Despite the fact I had to move, work, and go to school, the sun definitely made my week more enjoyable than it actually was. During my lunch hour away from work, my friends and I decided to drive down on Cambie and grab ice-cream from Rain Or Shine.

Just like the photo below indicates, they make the ice cream fresh, natural & with local whole ingredients. Since I have my own gift company-Cherry On Top Designs based on local products, I know for a fact that they use Vancouver Olive Oil Company's Balsamic Vinegar to make their blueberry balsamic ice cream and it tastes great and definitely unique!
They have a big selection of ice cream to choose from but I ended up ordering my usual favorites, Salted Caramel & London Fog. (Two flavors $5.00)

Its rich, simple & creamy! No complaints for a fine cup of ice cream on a sunny day :)

Service: N/A

Food: 4/5

Price: $

Overall Rating: 4/5


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