720 Sweets

Hey everyone!

New addition to the soft serve category, 720 Sweets has been all over social media lately. Everyone talks about the beautiful presentation and obviously the flavours.

When you first step in, it's a very narrow, linear type of shop. Not meant for ALOT of people, but if you go during prime dessert times, you'll find this place packed full of people. My friend and I went there super early so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. Watch us on Youtube, HERE.

There's free parking around the residential areas, which is only a block or 2 away from 720 Sweets.

Great saying on the wall which everyone would be able to relate !



Hey Everyone,

So after quite a wait for what would take over the previous location of Lung Kee at the Aberdeen Food Court, it turned out to be Wildleaf, a Vietnamese cuisine food court stall! 


Blue Bella Pocha Korean Bar

Hey Everyone,

Jess and I were on the West End in downtown and decided to wander around looking for a place to have dinner, when we happened upon Blue Bella. They are located on a corner of an intersection on Robson beside a bunch of other Korean restaurants, but we decided to pick this one over the rest as it looked more appealing to us from the outside than the other ones!

The inside was not bad either:



Hi everyone,
There's literally so many pho options out there and the deciding factor for me to go back to a pho restaurant for a second time is purely based on soup base, atmosphere & the quantity in meat. I was never picky about Pho because I really thought they all taste the same... but after blogging so much and going to so many different restaurants within the past few years, I guess you can say I became a tad pickier. I'm not a professional food critic but I guess throughout these years, I can finally be 100% sure what i think is good and what's not.

We went to Pho Ten on a Friday night and surprisingly finding parking was not an issue. We stepped in for the first time coming to this Pho joint and it was very spacious and roomy. The space was very well lit with different light fixtures & tall side windows, nice wooden furniture's & it was clean.


Ceili's Modern Irish Pub

Hey Everyone,

So lately I have been craving some sports bar food and after considering a few of the options in Richmond, we decided to go to Ceili's! I've been here before but this was Jess' first time so I was eager to see what she thought of it.


Jitlada Thai Restaurant

Hey everyone!

I came here for lunch with my colleague because she was raving how good the food was. We searched up online for their menu to order in advance so we were able to eat our food right when we got there. Initially we were going to get it to go but we changed our minds and decided to sit in.

For lunch, they have a lunch special, where every dish is for $11.50 and it comes with homemade salad & spring rolls. You can check out their lunch menu HERE.

For signage, I only noticed the one outside their doorstep which I passed by multiple times not noticing its existence until my colleague told me about this place. The interior was very clean and bright. Its a very casual dining area to just relax and chat with friends.


Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux

Hey everyone!

This week's weather has been pouring rain but that doesn't stop me from going out to get food to warm up my belly. I came across this little joint called Slickity Jim's Chat & Choux along West 7th. Walked in during lunch hours and was seated at the bar. They had two chairs along the bar with full visual of the back kitchen and cash desk. Not much of a view, so after a while, I moved myself to a much more comfortable seating with a view of outside. The one thing that drew me into this little spot was their signage outside indicating their lunch special: Chicken Pesto Quesadilla with any chosen side ($11.50).

Their interior is very antique chic. They had striped and polka table tops paired with different colored chairs throughout the restaurant. The bar area had chairs that reminded me of old salon chairs. They also had a lot of unique light fixtures.

Parking around this area is majority paid parking, unless you are lucky enough to find 2 hour free parking spots near the residential areas. Recommend car pooling with your friends if you are planning to come here for lunch.

They had quite a large menu for such a small space, but I was pretty set on the special of the day.


Ricky's All Day Grill

Hey everyone!

The other day me & Phil decided to go try out Ricky's All Day Grill. It was a weekday and we were trying to choose a place to eat dinner. Without looking at any previous reviews, we decided to head to Ricky's. We were really curious what Ricky was all about considering they have multiple locations throughout Canada. We got there around 7pm, which is the usual prime dinner time. When we walked in, there was nobody. It was completely empty and the host was sitting at one of the back booths talking on the phone.

We were seated at one of the booths in the middle. The interior reminded me of the old Denny's & Swiss Chalet mixed. The menu looks quite new and they had many options available. The menu reminded me of what Denny's and Swiss offers too but the price range was shockingly expensive.


LA Grill

Hey Everyone,

So I've heard about this restaurant from a couple people before but never got around to checking it out until recently when I was in the area with my colleagues. We were here for lunch so this will be a review on their lunch menu.

Have a look at their menus here:

Very good price on draft beers, especially on my new favourite, 1516 Bavarian Lager for only $3.95!!!


Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken

Hey Everyone,

So I've been told of Barcelos by my touch football teammate that first brought me to Nandos, that Barcelos was a Nandos lookalike. Now I know Nandos is an international franchise so when I heard about Barcelos, I thought it was just one location in Surrey, but after searching them up online, it seems they're quite international as well, and this is just the only location in Canada!


Maruwa Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Hey everyone!

As you guys may all know, I am a major sushi fan, so wherever I am I'll always recommend eating sushi. A few months back I actually stumbled upon a Japanese restaurant located in the Ironwood Mall with my bro but for some reason I totally forgot to blog about it! So here it is!

When we first saw the menu, it was very limited. There were assorted combos or individual rolls, sashimi and appetizers for ordering. The lunch menu was like any other standard sushi restaurant, serving the usual types of dishes. The interior was pretty small but its clean and bright. The waitresses were prompt in serving us. 

First off, we ordered the Chicken Karaage. I thought this was one of the best chicken karaages I've tried. The exterior was crunchy and the interior was soft and juicy. It was very mouthwatering and I really enjoyed this alot. The portion was a good size to share among two people. I highly recommend this dish if you were to come here.


Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

Hey everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather this weekend! On Friday, me & Phil went to Steveston to try out this restaurant called Ichiro Japanese Restaurant. I was scrolling through Zomato and came across their page and thought why not! 

When we first arrived, we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. When we stepped in, it was packed full. We were told it was going to be a 45 minute wait, so we went to Blenz to kill some time before our table was ready. 

When we finally got our table and we were looking through the menu, we were shocked at how many options there were on the menu. It was difficult to pick, but I think we managed to choose some pretty good items. 

We also vlogged! So go watch our youtube video HERE

First off, we got the Tuna Gomaae ($8.95). I've never seen this at any other restaurant (If you know anywhere else that has this and is good, pls comment down below! Would love to know!). Tuna Gomaae is basically tuna sashimi pieces with sesame sauce. Simple but yet delicious. We loved this dish so much. Great starter and was definitely different from what we usually order at Japanese restaurants.


Tin Tin Seafood Restaurant

Hey everyone,

Our family loves going to Dim sum during weekends because we designate that time for family time. Last weekend was Moon Cake Festival so booking a table for Dim Sum last minute was probably not the best idea. I had to call up several places until I came across Tin Tin Seafood Restaurant and they had tables available. When we got there, surprisingly we found parking. They have their own parking lot but its not the biggest. When we walked in, it wasn't as busy as we thought it'll be, which was somewhat good, because we were starving.


Chatime Richmond

Hey everyone!

I've heard many good things about Chatime from my friends, and I finally found time to drop by to give this place a try! I went on a weekday so it wasn't busy, so I took my time looking at the menu to see what I wanted. The interior is very clean and bright. They also have tons of seating for a bubble tea place. Great place to sit and hang out with friends.

On their menu, they had a wide variety of bubble tea options. There were just too many to choose from so at the end I decided to choose one that was "starred", which was a fave among most people.
I ended up ordering the Jasmine Green Milk Tea with pearls, 80% ice & sugar.

I really like how they give you a choice in terms of how much ice & sugar you want in your drink. Majority of bubble tea places don't have this option and their drinks turn out pretty damn sweet. I like how in this case, I can enjoy a bubble tea without worrying how much sugar is placed into my drink because they give you an "option"!

They also provide free wifi, so you can go there and bring your laptop too! Like I said before, they have tons of seating and the space is very spacious!

I will definitely go back to try out more of their drinks! I thought the drink was a nice change for me. I usually just order honey milk tea but this definitely opened my mind to try out the other ones they have to offer. The jasmine wasn't too strong so you can still taste the milk tea. Really enjoyed it & possibly could be a new fave ;P

Service: N/A

Food/Drink: 4/5

Price: $

Overall rating: 4/5


Chatime Richmond Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Joe Fortes Seafood & Chop House

Hey Everyone,

This summer I had the chance to dine at Joe Fortes with some colleagues during lunch, and we had heard they had amazing oysters so we definitely had to try some. 

Straight to the food we go!