Frites - Revisit

Hey Everyone,

Early last year we tried a poutine place called Frites and we thought it was good, but it wasn't amazing and did not seem very memorable, but recently we were invited to try them out again, so we did a revisit!


ORU Restaurant - The Fairmont Pacific Rim

Hey everyone!

Dineout Vancouver is back! There were so many options this year but we narrowed it down to a few restaurants we wanted to try. We went to Oru for our 5th year anniversary. Oru is located within the Fairmont Pacific Rim. They have a parking lot for guests and it costs approximately $14.00 to park. I would recommend taking the skytrain but if you are planning to dress all fancy to come here, you might as well drive and be more comfortable.

Fairmont Pacific Rim is a gorgeous hotel. Every detail from floor to ceilings were thought out and unique. Oru is located on the second floor to the left. Once you step up the stairs, you'll see this huge sign that says Oru. Then you'll see a narrow path down the hall and you'll see the hosts there to guide you in to your table. Phil and I thought the men who were working as hosts there were extremely good looking. They literally look like models to us. 

We sat at a table where we can clearly see the kitchen, and their kitchen is amazing. I took a panoramic picture of the kitchen down below for you guys to see. Their kitchen was very well lit, bright and clean. The staff in there looked very professional and I was stoked to try out the food. 

Their Dineout menu was $40.00 and you get to pick an appetizer, an entree & a dessert with the options provided.  (Pls note, the food photos were edited due to the dim lighting at the restaurant.)


Chatime - Surrey

Hey Everyone,

Domo Is Craving was kindly invited to the soft opening of Chatime's newest location in Surrey! It's located on King George Blvd right near the Surrey Central mall. 

Lift Bar and Grill

Hey Everyone,

I recently had the chance to check out Lift Bar and Grill for lunch on a very cold winter day.


Boston Pizza at Ironwood Plaza

Hey everybody!

The other day Phil and I went out to eat at Boston Pizza. I haven't been to Boston Pizza in a while and it was nice to see that they have this new 10 for $10 deal going on. They have a full page of 10 dishes for only $10.00 each. They also have 3 dessert options for $3.00 each. 

Their interior is like any other Boston Pizza. Every Boston Pizza has the same interior style and theme so once you walk in, you automatically knew this was a Boston Pizza. Similar to what Starbucks and McDonald's do nowadays. Maintaining the same standard for the interior so its easier for consumers to recognize and remember.  

I was really tempted to get one of their pastas but when I saw their cover with their Thai Chicken Wrap, I knew automatically I wanted to try it out! It sounds like a healthy option too, so why not? The only thing I was scared about was the spice level. They had a flame symbol next to it but I thought might as well give it a try and see how it goes.


Bob Likes Thai Food- Broadway

Hello everyone!

Happy Friday!! I feel like this week felt extra long.. probably because I'm still stuck in holiday mode. Anyways, last week when Phil was off for the whole Christmas/New Years period, he came to find me during my lunch hour. I decided to bring him to Bob Likes Thai Food a long Broadway. He was initially against going to a Thai restaurant because he's not a big fan. But me being, the Thai fan I am, I kinda forced him to go with me. (awesome Fiance I am right?)

On the menu, they have a section for lunch specials (11:30am-3:00pm). All their lunch specials are for $10.00 and it comes with rice, organic greens, fried wonton wrap with housemade plum sauce. 

The restaurant is very narrow and tight. The tables are really close to one another so walking into the inner seats or even sitting at the bar area was not comfortable. 


BIBO Pizzeria At McArthurGlen Vancouver Designer Outlet

Hi everyone,

Last night, Phil and I went to McArthurGlen outlet to shop and we decided to eat dinner at one of the restaurants there. There were only two restaurants to choose from, either Neptune Noodle Restaurant or Bibo Pizzeria. Phil loves pizza, so we decided to give Bibo a try. 

The interior looks very nice and clean. We were seated instantly and were served with water. On the McArthurGlen website, it states that they are authentic Neapolitan pizzas and the chefs are Italian borned and trained. I've never been to Italy so I'm in no place to criticize whether this is true authentic or not. I go in like any other person, with an open mind set to give this place a try. 

If you've never been to the McArthurGlen outlet, they have a huge parking so parking should not be an issue. If you don't drive, they also have a skytrain station that stops right at the outlet on the Canada Line.