This blog post has been long over due but here it is ! My family and I went here to eat for fathers day dinner and surprisingly it wasn't as packed as I thought it will be. This Tropika is located inside Aberdeen Center on first floor near H-Mart. If you guys been to Aberdeen you guys should know during holidays or even weekends or special occasions the parking lot is usually pack full so if you guys ever decide to go during those times, please watch out for parking! 

We started off with Roti Canai ($2.95). It comes with spicy sauce on the side which does make it overall extra flavourful since Roti in general is pretty plain. This is a great appetizer option to start off your whole dinner.

Another appetizer we got was the Prawn Cakes ($7.95). It comes with 3 prawn cakes and I wouldn't say it was that great. If I had a choice I wouldn't have ordered this at the first place. Especially if you're with a big group of people this is definitely not enough to split between people. I've tried many crab/prawn cakes in my life and I wouldn't say this was one of the best and definitely not worth the 8 dollars. 

Rainflower Restaurant

I've been to Rainflower Restaurant a few years ago and I hated their service and I thought their food was not good at all. My grandparents wanted to come here with the whole family and I wasn't too happy about the fact that we were coming here because my first experience was way too horrible. This place is right beside Yaohan Center and they have their own parking lot in front of the restaurant. The place is very big and they have lots of seating area. Inside looks very high class but I just don't feel like the food standard matches the way how the interior looks. I expect way more out of this place. I was never a fan since the beginning so I didn't have high hopes for this place.

Once you step in, their interior looks very grand and classy. The atmosphere made me feel like I was a royal member or something. LOL

Food Court Corner- La Prep Daily Fresh

Anybody else tried this place before? I really like this place! Everything is healthy and fresh daily but the only down side to it is its pretty pricey for what it is actually worth. Their fresh wraps and sandwiches are super tasty though! It's located at the Pacific Centre food court next to Dairy Queen/Orange Julius I believe.

I got the Chicken Avocado Wrap ($5.95). Definitely a healthy option for people who are on a diet. I was trying to eat healthy so I got this before me and limmerZ go to Harbour dance studio for our hip hop class. Very fresh and healthy, I love it!




Overall Rating:


Original Joes

First time ever dining at Original Joe`s! It is an upstairs location on Cambie and Broadway, right across from the Skytrain Broadway Station. Very convenient to get to by skytrain but if you`re driving they have a limited of spots located behind the restaurant which is also pay parking. If it`s not a hassle I recommend skytraining instead.

Interior was nothing fancy but I love how they have a pool table section at the back! It is a great atmosphere to just chill with friends and have a beer.


Burgoo-Food for Comfort

My friends and I have never been to Burgoo before and we were always curious of how good it is, so finally we've decided to take a trip to one of their restaurants and try it out for once! We went to the West 4th location and parking is TOUGH. Especially when you're trying to save a couple of bucks by finding free parking, well let me clarify one thing.. It's almost impossible to find free parking. So I would recommend you guys to bring some spare change with you. Anyways, we were lucky enough to find parking right in front of the restaurant. When we stepped in to the restaurant almost every table was taken up but thankfully there were still several tables at the back available. We were escorted to our seats very fast.


Richmond Night Market

Many of you may know that the new night market has strucked in Richmond near the River Rock Casino. Apparently this is 4 times bigger than the original one and the organizer of this night market was one of the major great organizers for the amazing night markets from back in the days. On the first grand opening night LimmerZ and I tried to drive in but it was IMPOSSIBLE! After 2 weeks or so we've decided to give it a go again. Clearly all the asians out there just wanted to check out what freebies were there that night and also curious.

When we saw the food area, the roads were definitely a lot wider so it wasn't as squishy. Also, they do have a lot more food options available! We walked around the whole thing first to see what attracted us the most and at the end we went back to those places and tried their food out.


First stop, we went to this station to get their "Japanese" Corn Dog. LimmerZ love corn dogs in general so he was very curious how this would taste like. This corn dog has fries wrapped all around it with a white Japanese sauce. I'm guessing it's Japanese Mayo. ($4.00) OR (2 for $7.00) I only took a few bites out of it and it was pretty good.


Random Craving Of The Day

I'm definitely not a professional cook in any way and I don't think I'll ever be one but from time to time I like to cook something up for myself at home. I didn't follow a particular recipe and mainly I just added whatever I felt like eating and mixed it all together! 
In my dish there's broccoli, shrimp, mushrooms, and 100% whole grain Penne Rigate. I made the shrimps, broccoli's and penne separately and then I just stir fried them all in one pan afterwards with a bit of tomato sauce.

TA-DA! and this is the finished look! Looks good right? It was kind of dry though. Definitely need to work on this but I guess it was not bad since it was my first time trying to attempt this kind of dish. 

I'll improve eventually!


The Flying Pig

For those who read my blog you guys should know I've been meaning to try out this place for a very long time. One day my friends and I decided to go there for brunch. The whole restaurant was nearly packed, but surprisingly we got a table fairly quick! Overall the restaurant itself is very small and the tables are extremely close to each other. Parking is tough like usual in Yaletown, but we skytrained there so it was no problem for us.


House of Tofu Soup

If you know where Thai son Vietnamese restaurant is then you know exactly where this is! It's below Thai son and I've noticed this place a couple of times already when I drove by but just never got a chance to give this place a try. Finally on a girls night out, my friends and I have decided to come here! Parking was pretty easy because we got there pretty early but definitely try to go earlier otherwise all the spots might be taken up during busy hours!

Li Garden

During a night out with the whole family we decided to dine in at the Li Garden restaurant located in Victoria Drive. I have never stepped in nor lay my eyes at this restaurant before till my family requested to come here for dinner. I had very low expectations for this place because overall from the exterior to the interior it did not appeal to me at all. I know I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but if it weren't for my low expectations I wouldn't be so amazed with the experience I had at this place! Parking would be pretty difficult if you go during busy hours. It is free parking along the streets but it does pack up pretty fast. We managed to find parking along the side of the restaurant!

First off, we got our lobster with noodles! It was super yummy and flavourful!