Hey everyone!

So it feels like I legit haven't blogged in FOREVER and I truly apologize for the lack of posts on our blog. Usually I blog during the weekend but I've been so caught up with our Youtube Vlogging Channel, I've been lacking motivation to blog. But right now, i am back at it again and have many restaurant reviews lined up!

At Metrotown food court, there's a new food court vendor! They are called Chachi's! They specialize in gourmet sandwiches, using local, fresh ingredients from local butchers, cheesemakers & bakers. Their motto is "changing mall food, making it better and gourmet".

From first glance, the design layout of their food court stall definitely gives off a different vibe. Very modern, bright and clean.

While checking out their menu board, their prices are definitely much higher compared to all the other food court vendors. Prices are based on just the sandwich itself and it varies approx. $10-$12. You may add sides and drinks on the side if needed.



Hey Everyone,

So it's finally Friday, and we're off on another lunch with the boys!


This time we're checking out the newly opened sister restaurant of Hawksworth, Nightingale!


Pho D'lite

Hey Everyone,

So since recently finding out that there was no pho near my place, once I discovered that Pho D'lite would be opening up at Solo, I was thinking wow, someone is definitely taking advantage of the fact they will be the only pho restaurant in the Brentwood area! 

The interior looked very modern, and rightfully so as it was a brand new restaurant. They had very unique chairs that didn't look very comfortable, but actually were.


Shiny Tea- Burnaby Location

Hey everyone!

Today we went to Crystal Mall to check out some sunglasses and we stumbled upon the newly opened location of Shiny Tea on the 2nd floor, next to the food court. They also have another location in Aberdeen Centre (the new side of Aberdeen). We've seen many photos on social media of other foodies trying out their bubble tea so we thought we might as well give this place a try. This bubble tea shop originated from Taiwan and they have a green sign that states they've been authorized by Mr. Tsung-Ho Tu, inventor of Taiwan's Tapioca Milk Tea.


Royal Seafood Restaurant

Hey everyone!

My family always go for morning dimsums during the weekend. We always pass by Garden City and noticed there's a dim sum restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Garden City Plaza. One day we decided to give it a try! Surprisingly this place had no line up and we were directed to our seats right away. I love the fact how they are not fully packed because I hate waiting for a table. If you are in the centralized areas of Richmond, such as Aberdeen Centre, you are bound to wait in line. The interior was much nicer than I expected. The seats were covered in seat covers and they also had a little water, flower display up front that looked pretty fancy.


Glowbal Grill

Hey Everyone,

So back around Christmas time, I had the chance to check out the new Glowbal Grill that opened up at the Telus building!


Anh & Chi

Hey everyone!!!

Hope you all are enjoying the nice hot weather in Vancouver. Hopefully it rains a lot at Fort McMurray soon so it can stop the fire from spreading. If you guys have not donated to Red Cross to help out the people there yet, pls do so! Here is the link: http://www.redcross.ca/?_ga=1.77344918.2093509003.1462670469, Since we are not there to help out, I hope donating would help all the people there, especially the young families with kids.

So last week, my parents and I went to the newly opened vietnamese restaurant located on Main Street called Anh & Chi. All foodies have been checking this place out and posting tons of photos of their food and interior through all types of social media. This location previously was called Pho Hoang and they revamped the space and changed their name but the people are still the same. The mom is working in the kitchen and I believe her kids took over and changed it to this new modern space but still holds authentic dishes!