Maji Restaurant

Hey guys!

The other day after work, me & my co-workers went to Maji for dinner. I've passed by this restaurant a few times but I never had a chance to give this place a try so that night it was a great opportunity to finally try this restaurant out. At first when my friend told me lets go Maji! I thought it was a Japanese restaurant until we got there I realized it was Taiwanese! The interior was bigger then I expected, it gives off a Japanese vibe to me but my friend thought it felt very Korean. They had brick features on the walls and wooden panels within the interior. 

Parking is a pain in the ass if you go there, if you know Alexandra road is FILLED with food restaurants so parking has always been an issue in this location. BUT, We got there around 5:30pm so parking was easy and getting a table here was quick!


Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

I recently had lunch at Hai Phong Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver on Kingsway with my buddy and as it was my first time dining here, I had to blog about it!

Since it was my first visit, I will almost always opt for pho to try their staple product. My friend got the house special, but I opted to go for the large Rare Beef and Beef Balls with Rice Noodle Soup $8.50. 


Whiskey Six BBQ

Hey everyone!

As you may all know, the new McArthurGlen Vancouver Outlet is officially opened near the YVR airport. It is only a few minutes away from the Templeton Skytrain Station and it is accessible to anyone who can hop on a skytrain. Parking near opening days were hectic. Cars everywhere in all directions, therefore they had people directing cars within the parking lot. I went with my brother last week again and there were still people directing even though there's not as many cars as before.

The first week of opening, I went exploring with Phil and a few of his friends. My thoughts on the outlet: I really like the style of the overall design. Makes me feel like I'm on vacation even though we are still within Vancouver. The advertisements threw me off by saying it is a designer outlet because when I got there, there were barely any designer brands. I was told phase 2 will carry more luxury brands which will complete in 2017.

A section of the outlet has this big open area where it carries a lot of different food vendors. There were food trucks outside but I was leaning towards trying the ones indoor. I came across this food vendor called Whiskey Six BBQ. They only had two options on their menu, which was either their Beef Brisket or Fresh Tomato.


Fishermen Sushi

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA lately, but I'm glad Phil had the time to take over some posts and blogged to keep you guys updated on what he's been eating recently! Yesterday night I got together with an old friend of mine who just got back from Toronto. I haven't talked to her in a very long time and I was really glad we had time to just sit down and catch up on life. Yesterday was an extremely beautiful day so we decided to hit up Steveston, Richmond for dinner. We both love sushi so we decided to give Fishermen Sushi a try. This restaurant is located on No.1, right next to a Starbucks.

First off, we got the Tako Wasabi ($4.25), came with multiple seaweeds which I like, because when I went to Suika they limited the amount of seaweeds and if we wanted more, we had to add more money. The Tako Wasabi was great! Love the kick of wasabi at the beginning!

Next up, we got 16 pieces of Tuna Toro ($7.95), Salmon ($6.95), Hamachi ($8.95) & White Tuna Sashimi ($8.95)! The sashimi was very fresh!

Next we got the Saba Hakozushi (Flamed Mackerel) ($9.95) The flavor was good but I was disappointed that they did not torch this right in front of us.



Hey Everyone,

So believe it or not, I've never had Nando's in my life until recently! This blog is blogging 2 different Nando's that I recently went to.

I was in Surrey and met up with a good buddy for some dinner and thought hey, why not try some Nando's since I haven't tried it yet and heard it was pretty good.

I knew nothing about Nando’s before this except that they specialize in chicken. I found out that it’s a place where you order at the counter and pay first, and then they bring the food to your table when it’s ready. Because of this setup, you have to prepay tip for the meal. My buddy told me their sandwiches are pretty good too, but since this was my first time here, I wanted to give their chicken a try since it should be their specialty.

I had the ¼ Chicken (Leg + Thigh) ($7.20) plus 1 Regular Side $9.85
The price in the brackets means the price it would have cost without the side. 


Royalwood Restaurant & Lounge

Hey Everyone,

Writing a different kind of food blog today, as I'm writing about Royalwood Golf course's restaurant! The reason for this is because Royalwood has a Steak Night Special for 2 on Saturday and Sundays!

This golf course is located in Chilliwack and is basically next to the mountains. The deal is $90 for a twosome to have a round of golf with a power cart included, and a special dinner after your round!

For the food, you get a choice of New York Steak or Teriyaki Chicken. I went with my dad and we both got the steak:


Pho 37

Hey everyone!

The other day me and Phil were wandering around Ironwood specifically looking for either a sushi or a pho place to try out. Unfortunately one of the sushi restaurants were closed already so we ended up going to Pho 37. From the outside, you can tell it is a very small restaurant and it seems very dark, but the interior gave off a total different vibe. It is a very narrow restaurant but they utilized the space very well with booth and banquette seating and they have these big rounded light fixtures which really brightens the place up.