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The other day after work, me & my co-workers went to Maji for dinner. I've passed by this restaurant a few times but I never had a chance to give this place a try so that night it was a great opportunity to finally try this restaurant out. At first when my friend told me lets go Maji! I thought it was a Japanese restaurant until we got there I realized it was Taiwanese! The interior was bigger then I expected, it gives off a Japanese vibe to me but my friend thought it felt very Korean. They had brick features on the walls and wooden panels within the interior. 

Parking is a pain in the ass if you go there, if you know Alexandra road is FILLED with food restaurants so parking has always been an issue in this location. BUT, We got there around 5:30pm so parking was easy and getting a table here was quick!

Right off the bat, we got things started with 4 cans of Taiwanese Pineapple Flavoured Beer ($4.97 each). It was by far the BEST beer I've ever had! Also maybe because I'm a girl so my tastebuds lean towards drinks that are sweeter. This really taste nothing like beer to me, it felt like i was drinking Pineapple flavoured soda instead. Great stuff and I would definitely recommend you guys ordering this and give it a try! They also have Mango flavour as well!

They had TONS of food options on the menu and considering I've never been here before I've passed on all the decision making to my friends since they know what is relatively good here. 

First came the Pan-Fried Black Pepper Beef ($9.99).  Came with a generous amount of beef and the flavor just soaked in real well into the beef. All the dishes were strongly flavoured so I recommend ordering side rice to pair along with these dishes! 

Next up,  San-Pei Chicken ($8.99). This dish was stacked with flavour and it was just so satisfying. The only downside about this dish was it had bones. BUT thats because I'm a very lazy eater, so I would preferred boneless chicken. But I must say, out of all the San-Pei Chickens I had from other places, this was by far the best one I had. 

This dish was such a steal, we ordered a Braised Food Platter ($12.85). They have several options to choose for your food platter and you get to pick four. We went with braised pork intestine, braised beef tripe, braised dried tofu & braised king oyster mushrooms. Each one had great flavour and it's such a good dish to order if you're with a large group of people.

Also, my friend recommended ordering the Seafood Stir Fry with Puffed Rice ($10.99). To be honest, this was definitely not something I'll order again. I'm not a big fan of the puffed rice and the dish did not just appeal to me. The seafood and the broth tasted great but I don't think it was worth the $10.99. 

This upcoming dish was BY FAR MY FAVE! We got the Pan-Fried Tofu ($8.99) Great flavour and I feel like everyone would love this. The sauce was just so amazing that I would seriously use the sauce to mix it with rice and eat it. I don't know how to describe the sauce but I think it was soy bean paste. Great flavour and extremely satisfying!

We also ordered a bucket of rice ($5.50)

At first when the food arrived, we actually thought it was fairly small but when we started eating it was actually more than enough for us. At the end of the night we were left with STACKS of left overs and we were all stuffed to the max. Every dish was very delicious and I would definitely come here again. 

The service here was quick and great! The food arrived super fast and they were all very well cooked! I feel like this place has excellent food and service and I would highly recommend everyone to come here and try it! 

Service: 4/5

Food: 5/5

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.5/5


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