Top Chiu Chow Cuisine

My grandparents are from Chao Zhou. If you're not familiar with that name, it is a place somewhere in China. Lol Look it up on google if you want more details. Anyways, I remember when I was young my grandpa would always make the best Chiu Chow Chicken ever! My family was telling me this place made it super delicious as well so they decided to bring me here for lunch one day. The restaurant is located in Union Square Plaza. If you go during busy hours, like during the weekends, the parking lot is usually full. 

The first dish that arrived was this fried shrimp & imitation crab meat. It was good but it wasn't anything unforgettable.

Then comes... the CHICKEN!!!!! Basically the whole time I was just eating this with rice....I seriously love Chiu Chow flavour chicken! I highly recommend this dish but its SUPER PRICEY in my opinion. I asked my Mom how much this dish was and she told me it was $16.00!!!! I don't think I'll personally go there and order this but it was a good experience to try out this delicious Chiu Chow chicken. It reminds me of the one my grandpa makes and it makes me crave for his even more!! I think I'll tell him to cook me up a dish soon....yummy in my tummy... =P


Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

If you're a breakfast person then you have to come check this place out! Sophie's is located in West 4th, so parking is pretty difficult. It's a very busy street so it'll be hard to find parking but I can guarantee this place is well worth it. The interior is very laid back, old fashion and sets a very comfortable atmosphere. They had a lot of old toys laying around as their design. I found that pretty cool because there's so many things to look at around the restaurant. I saw this very old m&m dispenser that my mom owns as well.


Phnom Penh

Okay, I'm probably one of the last few people who have never been to the famous Viet place in Vancouver. It's located in Chinatown and I seriously did not expect such an awesome place in Chinatown!
You guys may know I really like Vietnamese food by now since I post up quite a few viet places on my blog already. I can truly tell you this is my all time favourite viet place now. I usually never order the beef pho because I feel like all places tastes the same, nothing special about it. But omg there was just something about this one that made it taste extremely good. Now on the menu it does say Cambodian style beef noodle or something, so I'm guessing it has something to do with them incorporating the Cambodian style beef noodle with Vietnamese style Pho.

limmerZ got the dried noodles with beef. I thought it was pretty interesting, I still prefer my bowl of pho over this though. limmerZ liked it but I know he was eyeing for my beef noodle soup ;) 

There's soup that comes on the side with the dried noodles.


Vivacity Restaurant

Hi everybody,

I went to the above mentioned restaurant tonight and I'm super pissed off and disappointed with their HORRIBLE manners & service. The woman manager came over bringing food, pushed my bf on the arm several times while he was eating something & expects him to move away while he was eating... I told HER to move aside and wait till he's done, gave me a dirt shiet look and walked away. SHE, as a waitress should NOT push her customers and expect them to move aside just so she can put down her dish, she didn't even say excuse me. One of our main dishes didn't even arrive by the time we were done all our food so we were asking the guy manager what's taking so long. He answered in a rude way saying there's nothing he can do... They provided the worst service ever and I do NOT recommend anyone to spend their time and money there because they do not deserve it. I am not even exaggerating. As a customer, you should experience a wonderful time at a restaurant...but I can say I never had such a horrible experience before. Also, the dishes were extremely small for what it is. I can find better quality, better atmosphere, better service elsewhere. I don't need to come here for HORRIBLE service. Everyone deserves better than this. They do not know how to respect their customers nor do they know how to provide great customer service. Also, they dropped a lettuce slice on the floor and they didn't even bother picking it up, they just kicked it under the table. How dirty is this....? I hereby declare I will never return.



Varies, depends on what you order.

Overall Rating: 

I did not enjoy.

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DD Mau

Who loves Viet Subs?! If you do, then this place will shoot your tastebuds to heaven..! lol

I went in February when vaneats.ca had a voucher to this place. I saw many positive reviews on this place so I decided to go try it out with limmerZ. The staff were extremely friendly, especially the brother and sister who works there. The interior of the place is very modern, definitely not a typical viet place.

Our vouchers came with drinks, so we both got the honeydew smoothie. Extremely flavourful and I'm usually not a smoothie type of person but this was so good! The other option was the avocado smoothie, but I thought honeydew would taste a lot better.


Hightea at the Fairmont Hotel in YVR

Hey everybody! I didn't blog for the whole entire February because it was such a busy month! It was limmerZ bday, my bday, valentines day & I was super busy with school and work. There's a lot of places I need to blog about so enjoy! 

For Valentines Day, limmerZ bought the voucher deal online for Hightea at the Fairmont Hotel in YVR. (They usually have high tea deals from time to time, so keep an eye out for vouchers!) We started off with two pots of tea. One of them was a Japanese tea & the other one was an asian dragon tea. There was only one Japanese tea on the menu so it'll be pretty obvious which one it is. I highly recommend the Japanese tea, especially if you like soft, light floral tastes in your tea.