Phnom Penh

Okay, I'm probably one of the last few people who have never been to the famous Viet place in Vancouver. It's located in Chinatown and I seriously did not expect such an awesome place in Chinatown!
You guys may know I really like Vietnamese food by now since I post up quite a few viet places on my blog already. I can truly tell you this is my all time favourite viet place now. I usually never order the beef pho because I feel like all places tastes the same, nothing special about it. But omg there was just something about this one that made it taste extremely good. Now on the menu it does say Cambodian style beef noodle or something, so I'm guessing it has something to do with them incorporating the Cambodian style beef noodle with Vietnamese style Pho.

limmerZ got the dried noodles with beef. I thought it was pretty interesting, I still prefer my bowl of pho over this though. limmerZ liked it but I know he was eyeing for my beef noodle soup ;) 

There's soup that comes on the side with the dried noodles.

For Appetizer, we ordered ..... FROG LEGS! Apparently it's one of their most famous dishes, so we just had to try it out! I was kind of sceptical at first because I've never tried frog legs ever in my life. I never in my life would have thought that I'll like the flavour of frog legs. It was actually very flavourful and it was different. It's very hard to describe the flavour but I would recommend you guys to try it out if you have a chance going there. The texture was similar to fish in my opinion? but obviously this does have bones in it, not like fish bones..but BONE bones...lol

My bowl of awesome Beef Noodle Soup.




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