Prince Seafood Restaurant

Hey Everyone,

Not too long ago I had dimsum with Jess and her family at Prince! I've been here previously for dinner but never for dimsum, so I was curious to see how it was. 

We had quite a few items but I'll feature a few select items here.

We had the Steamed Spareribs which were not bad here. I don't usually go for this dish but I was hungry so I had some. I found them to be mediocre, but not special in any way, and to be honest, Jess' mom makes them better!


Pho Han

Hey Everyone,

So Pho Han is a pho place that we've passed by many times on Garden City but never got around to trying it, but we finally did!


Soffee Cafe

Hey everyone!!

I'm always on the lookout to try out new high tea restaurants. We found this one on West 8th, near Granville street and it's one of the cutest little restaurants I've seen. Their interior consists of comfortable seatings, beautiful linens and pretty tea cups and miniature cutlery. I recommend making a reservation for any high tea places you decide to go to because they are "majority" of the time fully booked. We went around 12pm but surprisingly it wasn't that full, which I much rather prefer. With less people within a little space, more privacy, more quiet and it makes it much better to have chats and drink tea with a friend. Their full menu is online: http://www.soffeecafe.com/

They also serve lunch items, so if you work or live around the area, you may want to check them out! All their tea options are online too. They serve local teas and also teas imported from Paris. 


Cimona Cafe

Hey everyone!

The weather in Vancouver recently has been amazing and I'm not talking about today. For the past few weeks we've been getting alot of sunshine here in BC. During these days, nobody wants to stay indoors and one popular location to hit up is at Steveston, Richmond. AKA. Storybrooke, the place they filmed and WILL continue to film forever and ever "Once Upon A Time". One of the hit shows on TV and also my personal favourite TV show at the moment. 

We were strolling around Steveston looking for a place to eat and we came across this restaurant called Cimona. I remembered my bro telling me about this place and how it has amazing deals and serves some amazing food. By the time we got there, majority of the tables were taken. Fortunately, there were two bar seats next to the window. We took it immediately and sat down. 

It's a very small little restaurant and you can tell most are regulars. Many are seniors, having their morning coffee & looking at their newspapers. Others with kids, eating pancakes and enjoying their family time. It gave me a very comfortable and warm feeling sitting in there. 


Wang Ji Restaurant Cafe

Hey everyone,

Ever since moving to Richmond, I've been trying out more neighbourhood restaurants around the area. I'm always scouting around searching for close by restaurants nearby. I don't like driving that much so finding good restaurants within the area was vital to me. I came across this restaurant a few months ago and finally the other day I finally had the chance to give it a try. From their signage, it really gives off the vibe of traditional Chinese food, BUT they actually serve Taiwanese food. They've posted their menus in front of the door, so people passing by can always take a look at the menu before deciding whether you would like to dine here or not. 

The interior was much nicer and bigger than I thought it'll be. There was a lot of room and was definitely a comfortable space to dine in. I took a peek in to their washrooms and it looked very well renovated too, with black marble detailing. 


Pizza Garden

Hey Everyone,

So Jess told me about a new pizza place that opened up at the new Aberdeen side, and given that there is hardly anything open yet on the new side, and I love pizza, we had to try this out!


Uncle Fatih's Pizza

Hey Everyone,

So I've heard that Uncle Fatih's is supposed to have pretty good pizza, but I never got around to trying it until recently. Jess and I were going to a Canucks game so we thought we'd grab some food before going in. 


Joyful Restaurant

Hey everyone!

So we're really behind on our blogs so here's another one to add to our Las Vegas Trip back in end of February. We are the type of family that gets food sick if it only consists of burgers and fries on a daily basis so of course we hunted down an old favourite of ours in Chinatown. We've been here a couple of years back and we remembered deeply that this place had amazing Chinese food. We decided to try taking an Uber Car down to the area and it only costs $10.00 for the ride. If you want to know more about our experience in an Uber Car or want to check out the interior of the restaurant, pls click into our Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT1vgaB7lCPwnLi2frd8TgA

OR click into the day vlog we filmed on the day of going to Joyful Restaurant in Vegas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT6yV-Z4GtI

L'Opera Patisserie

Hey everyone!

Last weekend my friend and I decided to try out L'Opera Patisserie High Tea. I've heard mixed reviews about this place so I really didn't know what to expect here. Their location is part of the Marriot hotel and is across from Mui Garden in Richmond. They have parking in the back, so take a look there before you drive up to the parkade. My friend and I didn't know so we drove up the parkade and parked relatively far. We had to cut through the hotel in order to exit out in to the main road until we reached their little cafe.  Also, the parkade is not free... so I think we paid like 6 dollars for 2 hour parking. Their interior is extremely small. The tables were pretty close to one another and walking space is very limited. Nonetheless, the interior decor is extremely cute. To see more of the interior, watch our youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_N0SLPqIM0 !! It'll also mean the world to me if you subscribe to our channel or even give us a thumbs up :)


Firebird Cafe

Hey Everyone,

This is the first post from the Chinese Bites VIP Program, as we were invited to try out Firebird Cafe alongside our good friend Eating with Kirby!

Jess and I had never been to Firebird before, but we've definitely dined at several other restaurants in the Continental Shopping Centre. Firebird is located almost next to Pearl Castle.