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Hey Everyone,

So I've heard that Uncle Fatih's is supposed to have pretty good pizza, but I never got around to trying it until recently. Jess and I were going to a Canucks game so we thought we'd grab some food before going in. 

Their slices were $2.25 each so we each had two.

And of course Jess and I ended up picking the exact same two slices each haha! One was a Hawaiian, which was very tasty! Their pizzas are quite thick which is very good to bite into. The cheese was very soft and gooey, and each bite was just oh so satisfying. The toppings were generously piled on for each pizza, and the crust was crispy on top while soft on the inside. 

The other pizza was a mix of sausage bits, mushrooms and cheese. They also sprinkled sesame seeds on top, which seemed to be a common thing with their pizzas. It gives it a nice flavour which makes it unique from other pizzas we've had. This pizza was pretty good, but not as good as the Hawaiian. To be fair, the Hawaiian was fresher than the left one, but they reheated the left one for us, so it should have been warm still, but it cooled down fast. Overall still a good pizza.

This is a pretty good pizza joint for ready to serve pizza by the slice. When I compare this to competitors like Fresh Slice and Pizza Garden, each one is different in their own way. Fresh Slice's pizzas aren't packed with toppings like Uncle Fatih's, and they don't seem to be as fresh either. Pizza Garden is fresh, but they serve very thin pizzas as opposed to the thicker style from Uncle Fatih's. I guess it all comes down to which type of pizza you like. Personally I like thicker pizzas, so Uncle Fatih's would be my choice of the 3.

I definitely recommend everyone try their pizza out if you haven't yet. There are many locations throughout Vancouver so you're bound to find one near you.




Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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