Hightea at the Fairmont Hotel in YVR

Hey everybody! I didn't blog for the whole entire February because it was such a busy month! It was limmerZ bday, my bday, valentines day & I was super busy with school and work. There's a lot of places I need to blog about so enjoy! 

For Valentines Day, limmerZ bought the voucher deal online for Hightea at the Fairmont Hotel in YVR. (They usually have high tea deals from time to time, so keep an eye out for vouchers!) We started off with two pots of tea. One of them was a Japanese tea & the other one was an asian dragon tea. There was only one Japanese tea on the menu so it'll be pretty obvious which one it is. I highly recommend the Japanese tea, especially if you like soft, light floral tastes in your tea.

The top layer comes with several different desserts. There was cheesecake, chocolate cake, lemon tart & heart shaped short bread cookies. The desserts were super delicious. I especially like the short bread cookie.

Second layer comes with scones. On the side there was raspberry jam and sour cream.

Bottom layer comes with different types of sandwiches. The one with the yellow topping had an indian flavour to it. The brown bread had salmon and cucumber inside. The white bread had apple slices with cheese in it. The apple slices made it taste very odd, was not a big fan of that. I forgot what was inside the croissant but it was pretty good.

It was a cute thing to do for valentines day and I definitely enjoyed it. I would totally recommend going here with your bf/gf or with some girlfriends just to catch up. I would recommend waiting for deals online rather than paying full price because it does get pretty pricey. 



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Hope you all had an amazing Valentines day!

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