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My friends and I have never been to Burgoo before and we were always curious of how good it is, so finally we've decided to take a trip to one of their restaurants and try it out for once! We went to the West 4th location and parking is TOUGH. Especially when you're trying to save a couple of bucks by finding free parking, well let me clarify one thing.. It's almost impossible to find free parking. So I would recommend you guys to bring some spare change with you. Anyways, we were lucky enough to find parking right in front of the restaurant. When we stepped in to the restaurant almost every table was taken up but thankfully there were still several tables at the back available. We were escorted to our seats very fast.

My friend started off her meal with the strawberry and lemonade! ($3.50)

I got the Soup & Sandwich combo for 15 dollars !!!! At first I thought it'll just be a sample size of the soup and the sandwich but HOLY this combo is HUGE! For 15 dollars I think its a major steal!

I got the daily special, Pulled Pork Sandwich! Super good! Could use a bit more sauce though.

I got the seafood potage! Lots of ingredients inside and very flavourful! This combo was just a major steal because if you order them individual it costs more than this. 

My friend ordered this beef dish! I tried a bit of it and the flavour was kind of too different for me, wasn't a huge fan for this dish. I believe this was the beef bouriguigon! ($18.00)

My buddy got the burgoo biscuits! ($5.00)

Half bowl of Crab Bisque ($6.00) 

This cover is what the lamb came in.

My other buddy ordered the Lamb Tagine. I tried a bit of this too and I thought it was pretty good!

Our bill came in this dimsum tray which I find pretty out of place and unique LOL




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