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First time ever dining at Original Joe`s! It is an upstairs location on Cambie and Broadway, right across from the Skytrain Broadway Station. Very convenient to get to by skytrain but if you`re driving they have a limited of spots located behind the restaurant which is also pay parking. If it`s not a hassle I recommend skytraining instead.

Interior was nothing fancy but I love how they have a pool table section at the back! It is a great atmosphere to just chill with friends and have a beer.

LimmerZ got a Honey Brown Lager ($5.75) to start off with.

LimmerZ buddy got a Fourway Fruit Ale ($6.25)! Apparently it tasted disgusting. I personally did not try it so it`s a risk you must take if you want to give this a try.

We had a big group, so we ordered several plates of wings to start off as appetizers. It was a Monday so there were half price off wings! Original price is $10.50 and we got em for $5.25! Not bad Not bad :) 

I ordered the turkey club wrap ($12.50) and it comes with two sides, so I went for a caesar salad and mashed potatoes! I thought the wrap was super delicious! For $12 bucks, that was a lot of delicious food in my belly.

One of our buddies got the Grilled Chicken Burger ($12.00)

Applewood Salmon Club ($13.00)

LimmerZ got the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich (12.50). He thought it was super yummy!

Beef Dip ($13.75)

Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla ($12.50)




Overall Rating:

Great atmosphere to hang out with friends or have a beer or two and just watch a game on TV. The amount of food you get for what you pay for is definitely worth it! Recommend for casual dinners!


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