Rainflower Restaurant

I've been to Rainflower Restaurant a few years ago and I hated their service and I thought their food was not good at all. My grandparents wanted to come here with the whole family and I wasn't too happy about the fact that we were coming here because my first experience was way too horrible. This place is right beside Yaohan Center and they have their own parking lot in front of the restaurant. The place is very big and they have lots of seating area. Inside looks very high class but I just don't feel like the food standard matches the way how the interior looks. I expect way more out of this place. I was never a fan since the beginning so I didn't have high hopes for this place.

Once you step in, their interior looks very grand and classy. The atmosphere made me feel like I was a royal member or something. LOL

So since we have such a large family, we went with this dinner package that they offered. It was $398 dollars and it includes all the food that is posted down below. If you know how to read Chinese than you can read what the dishes are called because I don't know what they are called in English. 

First off, we got this cold platter. Most dinner packages come with this as an appetizer so it was nothing spectacular.

After we got this shrimp ball, they helped us split the food for everybody so I was only able to take a picture of ONE shrimp ball. This tasted very yummy.

Next we each got a plate of this, it is basically a scallop in a melon. The sauce tasted very good. 

Next we got shark fin soup. (I hope nobody is against eating Shark fin. If so, then I'm sorry and just ignore this picture and the fact that we ate this. Hopefully you don't get offended. Thanks. Because I know some people are very sensitive about these kind of things)

Abalone, brocoli and Duck feet. The Abalone was SUPER small... kinda disappointing.

Lobster platter! YUMYUM!


Abalone slices with big ass mushrooms with choy underneath. 

Fried Rice!

Dessert: we got cookies and red bean soup.



$$$$$ (I'm basing the price by the whole meal package price. Which was over 400 something dollars)

Overall Rating:

Considering I had such a bad experience the first time I went to this restaurant, this time I went it was actually not that bad. The food quality definitely improved A LOT and the service was not as bad. The first time I went to this restaurant the waiter was basically peeking at my phone every single time when he walks by. REALLY pissed me off. But this time the waiters are definitely better than before. 

But I personally don't think I'll ever come back here again unless it's a family gathering and someone specifically wants to come to this place for some particularly reason.


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