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Hey Everyone,

Early last year we tried a poutine place called Frites and we thought it was good, but it wasn't amazing and did not seem very memorable, but recently we were invited to try them out again, so we did a revisit!

This time we saw something new that we never saw there before, their combo deals! Both combo deals are $10.99 and are a great price for a good quick meal! People who work nearby during lunch time would definitely be able to dine on this for a reasonably priced fresh meal!

We wanted to try items we didn't try the first time around, so this time we tried the Okonomi Frites $8.99.

This was an instant fav for Jess as she loves Japanese food, so this was right up her alley. The bonito flakes, pickled ginger, cabbage, okonomi sauce, kewpie mayo, seaweed, sesame seeds and green onion all worked so well together and made totally taste like one of the Japadogs with similar ingredients. The fries underneath were peppered nicely and tasted awesome on their own already. Being thick fries, I was skeptical at first, but after eating a few separately, I found them to not only be acceptable (as I typically like thin cut fries instead), but also surprisingly delicious! I never eat the pink ginger that comes with sushi, but for some reason, when it was within this mixture, I did not notice it at all, and even found the overall flavour to be amazing!

Next we had the Bacon & Pulled Pork Double-layered Poutine - Regular size $8.99.

This was a heavy box of poutine right when I picked up the order! The layer of bacon and pulled pork on top was so thick that I had to dig around for a while before I got to the fries underneath. I loved the bacon and pulled pork here as they were so full of flavour. The pulled pork here is very juicy and tender, packed full of flavour and complimented perfectly with the bacon and cheese. I found this to be a hell of a deal as you get so much food packed into the deceptively small looking box! We were also informed that they use gluten free fries and vegetarian gravy in their poutines! Talk about healthy poutine!!!

We had never tried their Chicken Waffle Sandwich $8.99 before so we definitely had to have one of those.

I gotta say this is the best chicken and waffle sandwich I've ever had, and I may even say this is the best combination of chicken and waffle that I've had so far as well! The waffle was slightly crispy on the outside while super fluffy and soft on the inside. The waffle flavour was so fresh, as it was evident it was freshly made in house. Adding the lettuce and tomato actually worked so well in this sandwich as it complimented the overall flavour so well. Their own mayo mix finished off this sandwich perfectly as it added a little kick while preserving the overall flavour without overpowering it. The chicken was crispy on the outside and super tender and juicy on the inside. It was so perfectly seasoned that I would order this chicken separately! Everything about this was just so awesome that I couldn't say anything more about it. Just try it!

While eating, Jess noticed the following picture on the wall:

We were very intrigued by this, as it looked like spring rolls, yet it was a poutine somehow, so we had to try some!

These Deep Fried Rolls are $4.99 for 3 rolls, but we only wanted to try one each. These were very interesting, and definitely one of a kind! They consisted of fries, bacon, and cheese inside each roll. You are given vegetarian gravy and chipotle mayo to dip, and both taste awesome. I must say, vegetarian gravy was not what I thought it would be, as it still had pretty much the same flavour as regular gravy. Dipping both at the same time was also very delicious. These are definitely a must try for their uniqueness!

We had an awesome time at Frites trying out more of their menu, and notably their signature dishes if you will! The owner, Tony, was very friendly and provided excellent customer service for us! He recommended us to try the above items and described each one to us with such passion and expertise. They had a ton of other unique flavours that we didn't get to try, but we'll definitely be back for more. I would order their chicken waffle sandwich any day, and the fact that they offer delivery through Wow Tasty is pretty awesome too! A combo at a fast food restaurant nowadays costs so much more than it used to, so $10.99 for their chicken waffle sandwich combo is almost a steal! It's a lot more fresh than the typical fast food joint, and it's even healthier too, with the gluten free fries! Again, I highly recommend the Chicken Waffle Sandwich to all of our readers. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!

Big thanks again to Tony for the invite, we'll definitely see you again soon!

Thanks for reading everyone, munch on!
- Phil

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