Ricky's All Day Grill

Hey everyone!

The other day me & Phil decided to go try out Ricky's All Day Grill. It was a weekday and we were trying to choose a place to eat dinner. Without looking at any previous reviews, we decided to head to Ricky's. We were really curious what Ricky was all about considering they have multiple locations throughout Canada. We got there around 7pm, which is the usual prime dinner time. When we walked in, there was nobody. It was completely empty and the host was sitting at one of the back booths talking on the phone.

We were seated at one of the booths in the middle. The interior reminded me of the old Denny's & Swiss Chalet mixed. The menu looks quite new and they had many options available. The menu reminded me of what Denny's and Swiss offers too but the price range was shockingly expensive.

I ordered the Baked Chicken Tetrazzini ($15.99)- Penne pasta with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, sweet piquante peppers and slice grilled chicken breast in a white wine alfredo sauce baked with 4 cheeses.

The portion was much smaller than I expected. I was actually able to finish majority of this dish and still feel a lack of satisfaction. Usually when I ordered these baked pastas elsewhere, I'm never near to finishing. The sauce on this dish was very liquidy. Overall the sauce did taste good but the amount you get for $16 bucks compared to what you could get from elsewhere was a major difference. The garlic bread on the side was crunchy and soft, so it was good.

Phil ordered the Perfect Prime Rib Sandwich ($15.99)- House roasted, melt in your mouth tender slices of Canadian prime rib, with 2 slices of Canadian Chedder and wasabi horseradish aioli, piled high on a ciabatta bun with crispy onion tanglers and au jus.

The prime ribs were definitely not "melt in your mouth" like described on their menu. Phil was having a lot of trouble biting into the sandwich without pulling all the prime rib out. The prime ribs were chunked up together and made it very difficult for Phil to eat. The prime ribs were placed very unevenly on the bun, so half of it would have more meat than the other. The overall of the sandwich was average and was nothing spectacular. The fries were okay but could use a little bit more salt & pepper to have better flavor.

Service: 2.5/5
After dinner, obviously I looked online to see what other peoples reviews would be. I understand why people would be upset about the service. It was a middle aged, asian woman in her 30-40's who was serving us that night and in her tone she sounded impatient. Which was strange because we were the only customers. She would constantly, and I mean constantly ask us every few minutes whether we want tea, coffee, or soft drink. I understand asking once at the beginning of our meal but multiple times was a bit excessive. Once we were done eating, which was around 7:30pm, we like to sit around and chit chat and enjoy. She quickly came along, cleared up our plates and handed us our bill. I mean, you could say it's quick service or it could also cause a sense of "kicking us out". We decided to just getting bubble tea at Chatime and just chat there considering it was a bit awkward being the only customers there. When we stepped out of the restaurant the waitress went to turn off the "OPEN" sign right away. We checked online and they were suppose to close at 8pm, but I guess she was just in a hurry to close up early to go home. 

Food: 2.5/5

Price: $$
There's a lot of similar style restaurants out there and they offer much higher quality food for a lesser amount. 

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!
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  1. $16 for both of those entrees is A LOT ! And understandably you were not impressed.

    1. Tell me about it! Had to try it out to let you guys know though =)

      - Phil