Ichiro Japanese Restaurant

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Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather this weekend! On Friday, me & Phil went to Steveston to try out this restaurant called Ichiro Japanese Restaurant. I was scrolling through Zomato and came across their page and thought why not! 

When we first arrived, we were lucky to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. When we stepped in, it was packed full. We were told it was going to be a 45 minute wait, so we went to Blenz to kill some time before our table was ready. 

When we finally got our table and we were looking through the menu, we were shocked at how many options there were on the menu. It was difficult to pick, but I think we managed to choose some pretty good items. 

We also vlogged! So go watch our youtube video HERE

First off, we got the Tuna Gomaae ($8.95). I've never seen this at any other restaurant (If you know anywhere else that has this and is good, pls comment down below! Would love to know!). Tuna Gomaae is basically tuna sashimi pieces with sesame sauce. Simple but yet delicious. We loved this dish so much. Great starter and was definitely different from what we usually order at Japanese restaurants.

Next, we got the Toro Sashimi ($15.50 for 6 pieces). You can also choose to do half orders for cheaper. The Toro was rich & fresh.

We decided to order 3 rolls: 
From top to bottom, we have Kani Ten Roll $5.75 (prawn tempura, imitation crab, cucumber), Unagi Ten Roll $6.95 (BBQ eel, tempura, cucumber) & Oshinko Roll $3.00

We usually order Ebi Mayo but we decided to try something new. We saw this dish called Ebi Kakiage ($8.95) which is basically deep fried prawn tempura with mixed veggies. This was pretty interesting. They slice it in four pieces and I do like the incorporation of veggies with the prawns. I personally love vegetables so I thought this was good but for Phil, he thought the vegetables took over the flavor and he can barely taste the prawns. 

Last but not least, we ordered Yaki Soba ($14.50). By the time we got this, we were actually really full from all the other dishes already. So majority of this was packed home. We did have several bites out of this and it was done really nicely. Majority of the sauce was at the bottom of the dish, so we thought the top layer might not be as flavorful BUT we were surprised that the top layer without the sauce at the bottom was still very good. The flavor soaked into the noodles throughout the dish and it tasted great. They had a generous amount of chicken pieces in there.

Service: 4/5
Service was great. The waitresses were fast and knowledgeable about the menu. We were always served tea without asking and the dishes came at a timely manner. At the end when we were paying, our waitress apologized for the wait of the table but advised us to reserve a table before coming because it's usually busy. The waitress also told me they are 100% Japanese owned, so the food is authentic. They were established 9.5 years ago with their first store on No.1 Road but has expanded to this current location.

Food: 4.5/5
I thought everything tasted great! Even though the pricing for this place was slightly more expensive compared to other Japanese restaurants, you can really taste the difference in terms of quality. They have really unique dishes on the menu and I think it is definitely worth a try! 

Price: $-$$

Overall Rating: 4.25/5
Happy Sunday!

 Ichiro Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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