Me n Ed's Pizza Parlor Revisit

Hey Everyone,

We recently revisited Me n Ed's Pizza Parlor, but this time in the Coquitlam location. Last time it was a take out order from the Highgate location in Burnaby, so we'll see how dining in is like at the Coquitlam location now.

This location's building is very similar to the Highgate one, as it's located next to a McDonalds as well, and the size of the restaurant is similar as well. 

Let's get straight to the food!

For starters, we had two orders of wings, BBQ and Honey Garlic. Their wings are pretty tasty and meaty! They come with celery sticks and I love celery sticks! We didn't get a photo of their wings but they're pretty typical wings. Pretty decent!

Now for the pizza:


This used to be my favourite after last time I had their pizza. Eating it fresh in the restaurant was even better! The fresh tomatoes tasted so good on this pizza, and their crust is by far one of the best crusts in local pizza! It has a flaky texture to it and does not become rock-like even after reheating later on. This is a very good pizza, but the other 2 we ordered were even better!


This was the table favorite and rightfully so! Consisting of oven-roasted potatoes on garlic herb sauce base, layered with smoky bacon, onions and bubbling cheddar cheese. It's topped with green onions and comes with sour cream to dip/spread! This has been the favourite one of my sister's since the first time she's tried it, and it is definitely very tasty. The toppings combine so well together with the cheese, bacon, and potatoes to make a heavenly taste! But as good as this was, my favourite was the 3rd pizza.


This was to me, the best pizza they make by far! Consisting of bocconcini cheese, succulent Roma tomatoes and fresh basil on a bed of capicollo, onions, garlic, and herb sauce, this is the best tasting pizza from Me n Ed's! Just talking about the pizza is making my mouth water! I love margarita pizza's and this is almost like it, plus the bocconcini cheese which just completes the flavour so perfectly! This is now my new favourite pizza, and I would order an entire one just for me next time! I highly recommend trying this pizza for those of you that have not tried Me n Ed's pizzas before.

The service was pretty good and attentive, however I have to commend them for having only 2 servers to work the floor, which at times was a bit difficult to serve every table in a timely manner. The service is very friendly and engaging, so if anything, it would have been only better if they had one more server. 

Overall, the food was amazing, and the service was pretty good as well. I highly recommend everyone to try their pizza, and definitely try the Perogy and Soprano if you do! They have 3 locations so far in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Poco. Head to your nearest location and have a bite of a Perogy or Soprano pizza!





Thanks for reading everyone, enjoy!
- Phil
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