Pepper Lunch

Hey Everyone,

So after driving by this restaurant for a while now, I've finally decided to try it out! Since the name is Pepper "Lunch", we decided to have lunch here!

I heard this was just like Teppan Kitchen at Aberdeen so I wanted to see what made this special enough to need a sit in restaurant as opposed to a food court stall. 

When we got in, there was a desk at the front with a menu board behind them, meaning you order and pay for your food up front, then you get seated by a server. The servers bring your order to you when it is ready.

The decor of the restaurant was pretty cool with brick walls.

I ordered the Kobe Style Burger with Egg $13.95

So as you can see, the paper border around the hot plate is very similar to what you would get at Teppan Kitchen, except this one has specific instructions on how to cook the particular dish you ordered! I did not notice this at the beginning, and just let my patty cook on the hot plate in whatever way I wanted, and eventually it got overcooked and was very charred at the bottom! PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Had I followed the instructions on how to cook this properly, it might have tasted a lot better than it did.

The patty, although overcooked, was not bad with the sauces and "butter" provided. The egg was good to go with the bowl of rice but you need to add sauce for flavour. The veggies were tasty but nothing special. 

The service was ok, although they just bring the food to you and nothing more.

Overall I didn't find this dish particularly amazing and certainly did not seem like a worthy alternative over Teppan Kitchen. I will definitely be doing a revisit where I actually cook the food properly next time instead of trying to wing it. I would recommend everyone to at least try this place once to see how it's like. It's fun to cook it when you know what you're doing, otherwise you end up messing it up and overcooking like me. 





Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating!
- Phil

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