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Back with another blogpost on this Thai & Malaysian restaurant located on West 4th. I've been here once before with Phil, also with a voucher deal. This time around, I got the 4 person voucher deal for me & my family. I highly recommend getting the voucher deal because it is definitely worth trying.

Here is the link to the voucher incase you are interested:

I forgot what the drinks are called but it was their non-alcoholic exotic fruit drinks. I believe it consists of mangos, pineapples, etc. Just look at their drink menu and you'll find it!

First appetizer was the Mango Salad. It consists of Mango slices, radish slices, & some nuts. I love the addition of nuts because it adds crunch into the dish. The mangos were very fresh and it's a very satisfying start to our meal.

Next up, were the Thai Shrimp Cakes ($7.00) served with sweet chili sauce.

Crunchy on the outside, cooked perfectly on the inside. What more can I say... lol

Roti Canai (Left), Crispy Fried Calamari (Middle), Chicken Saute (Right)

Each appetizer comes with their own sauce. For the Roti Canai, it paired with the mild spicy sauce. For the Calamari, it paired with a sweet & sour chili sauce. For the Chicken Saute, it paired up with the peanut paste. Everything was cooked very well and the flavour of each item was fantastic!

Caramalized Ginger Fish Filet

I LOVE THIS DISH! It had EXTRAORDINARY flavor. The fish was cooked just right, soft on the inside & still have a bit of crunch on the outside! Its Black cod cooked in sweet soy sauce, caramelized in ginger, garlic, shallots & rice wine.

Pad Thai ($12.00)

The amount of this dish for 12 bucks was very reasonable. Pad Thai is a famous & popular Thai noodle dish that consists of tamarind sauce with shrimp, chicken, egg, tofu, bean sprouts & additional crunchy nuts on the side. Very favourable & satisfying!

Kung Pao Chicken

It has great flavour but I think it got a little bit too salty for me after a few pieces. I had to eat this with the rice to balance out the saltiness. It consists of boneless chicken, peanuts, dried chilli, soy sauce, ginger & black rice vinegar.

House green beans!

Me & my brother LOVE this dish. The sauce is a bit spicy but it definitely gave this whole dish that additional kick to our tastebuds. 

We also got a black rice pudding at the end but forgot to take a photo. 

Overall, our experience was very good and my family loved this place! They thought the voucher deal was definitely worth it. My parents can be pretty picky with trying new places and I was very surprised when they told me they enjoy the food at this place!

So they voucher deal comes with:
-Mango salad
-Roti Canai, Calamari, Chicken Saute
-Caramalized ginger fish 
-Kung Pao Chicken
-House Green Beans
-Black Rice Pudding
-Steamed Rice

(Everything was doubled for us because we got the 4 person voucher)

The voucher was $65.00 for four people. I highly recommend coming here to try with your friends & family!

Service: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Price: $$

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Happy eating!!

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