Melt's Grilled Cheese at Rogers Arena

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Jess and I recently attended our first Canucks game this season and saw some new food options at the concession stands. We saw a sign for grilled cheese sandwiches, and I LOVE grilled cheese sandwiches, so I had to try one! Now they marketed this quite heavily inside the arena because right when you enter from the outside, there's a huge sign hanging from the ceiling advertising the NEW grilled cheese sandwiches and which section to buy them from. They also run ads about it during commercial breaks on the jumbotron, telling of how this is part of the new lineup of foods that the executive chef is introducing. It tells of him wanting to bring that homemade goodness that he used to experience as a child or something and wanted to share that with the fans. 

When arrive at the section with Melt, there will likely be a huge lineup already, unless the hype has already died down by the time you're reading this. They mass grill them here and then add the additional ingredients, if you choose those options, afterwards. The grill is prepped with melted butter first of course. After a bunch are ready, they stack them up and bring them to another table for the additional ingredients if you ordered them. 

I ordered the classic grilled cheese $7.50 with no extras as I wanted to see just how good they can do a classic grilled cheese. When I finally received my sandwich and bit into it, I was actually quite disappointed. Maybe it's because they stack them up instead of bringing each individual sandwich over, as the sandwiches are not crispy at all when you receive them. The bread is all soft and soggy from being stacked with the other sandwiches, which definitely takes away from the experience of eating a grilled cheese sandwich as I want that crunch of biting into the grilled sandwich. The cheese they use is cheddar, which to me did not taste that great in this sandwich at all. I've had grilled cheese from Mom's Grilled Cheese and I've also had grilled cheese from my own mom, and both are much better than this by far! At Mom's you have the option of picking what cheese you want in your sandwich. At my own mom's, we use Monterey Jack cheese which is AMAZING for grilled cheese. The cheddar being used here is bland and combined with the soggy bread, I would consider this a disgrace of a grilled cheese sandwich! 

If that executive chef is trying to promote this as something from his childhood, he better have them rethink how they're making these sandwiches (STOP STACKING THEM TOGETHER) because I doubt his childhood grilled cheese sandwiches were this bad. I get that they're trying to mass produce the sandwiches to get the line flowing faster, but they're killing the quality of the sandwich by doing so. I think the bread was sourdough bread, which in my opinion didn't help it either, as I'm not a big fan of sourdough, especially soggy sourdough. 

Overall, this was overhyped and I was greatly disappointed. Definitely one of the worst grilled cheese sandwiches I've had! Don't waste your time in this long lineup; you're better off spending your precious intermission time lining up elsewhere (like the washroom!).







Thanks for reading everyone, and happy eating! (just not here)

- Phil
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