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Who loves lemongrass chicken and rice?? I DO!!!!!!

After the disappointing news we got from Regional Tasting Lounge about the unavailable tables until 11pm on Friday, we had decided to go try out Thai Son Vietnamese Restaurant in Richmond. We went there pretty early, sometime before 6, so there were plenty of parking spots available for us. Thai Son is a restaurant on the second level of the building and if I did not hear about this place, I would've never noticed that this place existed. 

View from Parking Lot
Main entrance to Restaurant

There were more to the menu, but I only took pics of the first few pages

 Waiter gave us boiled bean sprout for limmerZ Pho & Viet Vinegar sauce for my lemongrass Chicken

Pho: Rare beef, well done flank & beef balls $6.95

Lemongrass Chicken on Rice $7.50
 Also, in the above picture of my lemongrass chicken on rice, do you guys see the extra side plate of chicken? At first I was thinking "WOW, they give you so much chicken compare to other restaurants!" I was constantly telling limmerZ how impressed I was with the quantity you get with what you ordered. After a while, the waiter comes up to us and asks in a very rude tone, "You order side chicken?!" At that particular moment I was shocked and surprised with the question he threw upon me, and I replied with, "Huh?!" Clearly I was still stunned by the fact that I was constantly talking about it and this TOTALLY threw me off! It turns out the table behind me ordered the side chicken and the waiter just took the plate of chicken from my table and just rudely gave it to the other table. In my mind I was thinking, "What if I licked those chicken eh??" You just took it and gave it to another customer! I personally would not eat it if I were that chick behind me. It was the tone he asked me in that disappointed me, not the fact I did not get my extra chicken (Even though I love my chicken) ;)
Anyhow, I did enjoy the food very much and my stomach was very satisfied! My MUST order in Vietnamese Restaurants are not Pho, but lemongrass chicken on rice. So I do have a very high expectation with my chicken and rice!




Overall Rating:


4653 Garden City Road, #2215
RichmondBC V6X4B8


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