Destination: Las Vegas- Coca Cola Store

So last time I've been to the Coca Cola store in Vegas was several years back and I swear they did not have this kind of option back then so I'm guessing its fairly new. I remember they had a station where they'll give you a sample of the original Coca Cola. This time when we went there, there was this option on the menu for $7.00 called around the world tray. We looked around and a few tables had trays of different versions of Coca Cola, looked pretty interesting so we got it as well. Also for $7.00,the amount they poured in to the cups are a pretty good amount. We couldn't finish all of them at the end because the air filled us up.

Each tray has 8 different drinks. The first tray was pretty good, especially Smart Watermelon from China. Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa reminded me of bubble tea for some reason.. weird?

Second tray came with some pretty nasty flavours...Especially Sunfill Mint from Djibouti. If you guys ever have a chance I recommend you not to try it. It literally tastes like the fluid that the dentist gives you to rinse out at the end of a dentist appointment.. that minty nasty fluid..? Also, Beverly from Italy was nasty as well... it has this very bitter taste to it. Thums up from India was horrible! Has this weird flavour to it that was not pleasant. Those are my top 3 drinks that I HATE!

I only like one drink from this tray and its Smart Apple from China! (and the reason is NOT because I'm Chinese..T_T") lol 

At the end, we got super full from just trying a few sips from all of them, so we've decided to play around a little bit by mixing the drinks up. It was a pretty interesting experience. For $7.00 I really think its a good deal especially if you are dying of thirst in Vegas and it's also a fun thing to try with friends.

No Rating for this because it's not food. But I'll give it a thumbs up! :) I definitely recommend you guys to do it with friends because for 7 dollars, it's a fun thing to do. 


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