Destination: Las Vegas- CUT

Want some major serious steak? They got it at the CUT.

limmerZ and I researched for the best fine dining in Vegas and we came to a conclusion to try out CUT in Palazzo. I didn't take any photos because the lights were too dim and I didn't want to act all asian taking photos of everything :P But I still want to mention about this place because it is a MAJOR MUST TRY place.

The service was amazing. Once we sat down, the waiter took out an Ipad, and thru the Ipad you can order your drinks there. Also, he provided excellent service from the beginning to end. Service is always a major MUST in my opinion, and I was very pleased with the service he provided. 

Before our meal arrived, the waiter brought over some bread sticks and bread. They had a variety of bread options that we get to choose from. We got the garlic bread and the pretzel bread. The bread was no normal bread, it was extremely flavourful.

I ordered the New York Sirloin 14 Oz $56.00 from Washington. limmerZ got the American Wagyu/Rib Eye Steak 9 Oz $88.00. On the side we ordered Mac n Cheese ($19.00) and it was the BEST Mac n Cheese that I've ever tried. I'm not even exaggerating on this. It was SO flavourful and SO cheesy. No word can describe it, so just go try it for yourself! I highly recommend it.

This place is pretty pricey but for the quality you get, it is DEFINITELY worth the money. My steak was not bad but once I tried limmerZ steak, I was freaking out at how good it was. Next time I'm definitely going for that. 




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