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I\m currently drinking milktea and ate rye toast with cheese! YUM! While eating I decide to blog about where I ventured out last night. Since it was friday, limmerZ family and I went out to this new restaurant on Cambie called Soho Tea Room. At work I heard people saying its a mixture of hong kong style cuisine & taiwanese food. I love both styles so I was pretty excited to see how good this place is. Parking could be a pain in the butt if you go during busy hours. They have a parking lot at the back but its VERY tight and small.  Apparently this place is owned by the same people who owns Flo Tea Room. I guess that's why the font of their logo is very similar. I remember Flo Tea Room being on Granville and the food just got worst and worst each time. So after hearing about this relation between the two.. my excitement went down the drain.

We started off with several drinks. Mama Lim got the Taro Slush (I believe it was $4.00). limmerZ and I got the usual, honey milk tea to share ($4.00).

limmerZ and I both agreed that the honey milk tea was not milky enough. It had more of a tea flavor. In conclusion, we thought the honey milk tea from Bubble World beats this bbt by a whole lot.

When I looked at the menu I was quite surprised in the amount of different varieties they got. They had a lot more options then I imagined. It took me a while but at the end I decided to get the Honey Garlic Chicken ($8.00). Mine is a set meal so it comes with 2 veggie dishes and rice on the side. When my food arrived I was pretty pleased with the amount of chicken I got on my plate. The flavor was good but nothing spectacular. I think for $8.00 this was definitely worth the price. At the end, I didn't even finish eating my chicken.

Mama Lim got the DIY Bowl Noodles ($8.00). There's a list of options that you choose from and see what you like in your noodle bowl. When Mama Lim tried it she thought it was very plain and NO TASTE at all. She asked the waiter for salt to make it more flavourful. She added a bunch of salt until she can finally taste a bit of flavour in the soup. Overall she thought it was not good at all.

limmerZ got the Taiwanese Chicken Steak on Rice ($8.00). He thought it was good but in the chicken there was some tendons. I tried a bit of the taiwanese chicken and I personally think its just pretty standard taiwanese chicken. It was flavourful but not overally impressed.

Papa Lim got the Seafood Baked Rice. I forgot the price for this dish. I tried a little bit of it and it was very good. Flavour was there and it was very filling. It is most likely under $10.00 and the portion was pretty big.




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