Destination: Seattle- Sweet Iron

Another place I searched up on Urbanspoon, this was highly recommended and was one of the higher ranking places for breakfast. I know limmerZ love waffles so I knew this place would be perfect for us to try! It was very hard to find parking near the restaurant and mostly it was pay parking, so if you're driving down there please keep in mind that it'll be impossible to be able to find free parking. The restaurant in general was small and when we got there we were the only customers probably because it was a holiday and people tend to sleep in. The layout of the restaurant was simple, so not much to say about that.

After reading about the crepe place, I'm pretty sure most of you can tell limmerZ like his sweets and I love my nonsweet meals lol.
Obviously this waffle is limmerZ, his has a scoop of icecream on top with whipped cream and fresh strawberries with chocolate syrup all over! He REALLY liked it a lot.

I ordered one with turkey and cheese and I really enjoyed it! At first I wasn't sure how the turkey and cheese will taste with the waffle but I thought it blended very well together.

Our friend ordered the waffle with just nutella on it.

Our other friend ordered just whipped cream with strawberries.

N/A (You buy it and serve yourself)



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