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limmerZ and I always look up for voucher deals online so we can try different places out. We got a 60 dollar worth voucher for Regional Tasting Lounge and we were so excited to give this place a try. Parking in Yaletown is always tough, with the tight lanes and the tight spots you really got to be careful when you park. Also there is no free parking; either pay parking or pay for valet. Overall interior design is very classy and fine dining. The entrance has an automatic sensor slide door which was pretty cool. When we looked at the menu the prices seemed decent and not overly priced. The price for the dishes ranged from 10-20 dollars. For a fancy place like this I expected the prices to be a bit higher but at the end I know the reason why. I was for sure fooled. 

We started off by getting 2 drinks. limmerZ got a berry mojito and I got one of the sweetest sounding Martinis on the list (totally forgot the name). limmerZ thought his drink was alright and I thought my drink was disgusting. The alcohol taste over powered the sweetness and it was just terrible. The drinks were 6 dollars each and I was super disappointed.

When we were waiting for the food the waitress gave us this odd looking spoon. We had no idea what we need this spoon for and I thought it looks very unique so I decided to take a picture of it and show you guys.   haha

So here you go! This is one of the appetizers we got, Crab Cake. This was around 10-12 dollars and I at least expected two crab cakes out of it. But NOPE, we only got ONE crab cake and it wasn't even that good.

This is the Albacore Tuna ($15.00). The Cabbage below is Japanese Cabbage and it is very spicy. The tuna tasted very delicious but there were only three small pieces so I tried to eat more of the cabbage but the spicyness got to me and I had to stop eating it.

This is the Duck Confit ($15.00). I was so happy we got this! The best dish we ordered and it was actually the only dish that I thought was big enough for the price that it was worth. The Duck was roasted wonderfully and I was very impressed by this dish. If you guys ever want to try this place out, I would suggest ordering more of the Pasture dishes on the list and order a couple of dishes to share!

On the side we ordered Sauteed Mushrooms. I was in love with these mushrooms! I don't know what sauce they used but I just couldn't stop munching on these. (around $8.00)

Pan Seared Salmon! ($13.00) Always squeeze some lemon juice on your salmon. I personally think it tastes extra tasty with lemon juice! The creamy white sauce made the salmon have some taste; without the sauce the salmon just tasted too plain.

Anyways, at the end of the night we weren't completely full from all the dishes we ordered. I was not that impressed with this place. Also, usually for high class restaurants they give you free bread as a starter; this place charges $5.00 for just plain bread. We didn't get any bread nor did we order any and at the end of the night when I looked back at the bill at home they actually charged us FOR BREAD! I was extremely pissed off because they charged me extra for something that we didn't even get. Also I felt extremely awkward in the restaurant just because we were the only Asians there and this other Asian couple was sitting next to us, we were completely separated by race. Half of the restaurant were all Caucasians and the other half were us Asians. There was a total obvious separation and I really disliked that. I don't know if they did it on purpose or not but that's how I felt it.  



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